Saiga-MK SVAROG – The First Project of Kalashnikov Concern’s Custom Shop

    Saiga-MK SVAROG LOT (1)

    Kalashnikov Concern has released a new competition ready rifle called Saiga-MK Svarog (Сварог – name of a Slavic deity). The rifle is the first project of the company’s custom shop which they call “firearm tuning laboratory”.

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    The marking on the handguard translates “firearm tuning laboratory” which abbreviation in Russian is LOT (ЛОТ – Лаборатория Оружейного Тюнинга)

    The Saiga-MK Svarog rifle is made for competition shooting. It is chambered in .223 Remington. The rifle features a 16.33″ (415mm) heavy profile free-floated chrome lined barrel which has a 1:9″ twist rate and 1/2-28 muzzle threads’ pitch. This rifle comes with a three-port muzzle brake which reactive design is advertised to work extremely well.

    The forearm of Svarog rifle features M-LOK accessory mounting slots as well as a top Picatinny rail. In fact, they use the Sureshot Armament Group AK MK2 chassis which we discussed earlier. The rifle also features an adjustable gas block made by L.A.C.

    Saiga-MK SVAROG LOT (3)

    The Saiga-MK Svarog rifle is equipped with a Krebs style safety selector lever with an index finger extension and a cutout to catch the charging handle and work as sort of a manual bolt catch. The bolt carrier of the rifle is lightened and features a left side charging handle along with the standard one.

    Saiga-MK SVAROG LOT (10)

    Note the skeletonized bolt carrier

    The Svarog rifle also features an elevated stock mounted on a Hartman adapter which makes it compatible with AR-15 receiver extensions and stocks. The rifle comes with a FAB Defense GL-Core stock and an ergonomic pistol grip borrowed from AK12/AK-15 rifles.

    Saiga-MK SVAROG LOT (4)

    The left side charging handle has a cylindrical extended profile

    Below you can also find the link to the Kalashnikov Media video demonstrating this rifle. Unfortunately, it is impossible to embed these videos into the article.

    The MSRP of Svarog rifle on the Russian market is 89,990 rubles which roughly converts to $1,340.

    Basically, what Kalashnikov Concern’s custom shop did is took a stock Saiga rifle and upgraded it with the mods and accessories that the local competition shooters consider the best. If you have experience in competition shooting, tell us in the comments section what do you think about this build – what would you add or remove from it?

    Images from Kalashnikov.Media

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