Mapgul Release New M-LOK Dovetail Adapters

    MLOK dovetail adapter

    M-LOK Dovetail Adapter – Pro Chassis Full Rail (Magpul)

    Magpul have introduced a new range of M-LOK adapters that offer compatibility with bipod and tripod mounts. The adapters are made from machined aluminium and are compatible with RRS and ARCA interfaces. They come in a range of three lengths: a 2 slot adapter, a 4 slot adapter and a full length rail for use with rifle’s like Magpul’s Pro 700 rifle chassis.

    Check out Magpul’s video demonstrating the M-LOK dovetail adapter:

    Here’s what Magpul have to say about the new adapters:

    The Magpul® M-LOK® Dovetail Adapter – Pro Chassis Full Rail for RRS®/ARCA® Interface is a lightweight, machined, mil-spec hard anodized aluminum mounting plate that is designed for the Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis and is fully compatible with most accessories–bipods, tripods, etc.–that use the RRS Dovetail Standard. The M-LOK Dovetail Adapter features multiple drilled and tapped holes that are optimally located to limit overall travel of accessories. It has comfortable, yet functional, snag-resistant beveled edges. It also includes a hardware access feature to allow removal of the front action screw on a rifle mounted on a Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis without the need for removal of the Dovetail Adapter from the chassis. Optimally-placed recoil/impact mitigation lugs ensure the M-LOK Dovetail Adapter remains securely in place throughout the most rugged use and heaviest recoil impulses, making the M-LOK Dovetail Adapter a rugged, repeatable and precise mounting solution.

    Compatible with RRS Dovetail Standard compatible accessories
    Mounts directly to M-LOK compatible systems
    Precision machined aluminum construction
    Corrosion-resistant Mil-Spec hard anodized finish
    Multiple drilled stop locations to limit accessory over-travel
    Functional snag resistant beveled edges
    Designed and manufactured in the USA

    M-LOK Dovetail Adapter

    The underside of Magpul’s M-LOK Dovetail Adapter – Pro Chassis Full Rail (Magpul)

    The new adapters’ MSRPs start at $44.95 for the 2 slot adapter, $59.95 for the 4 slot and $74.99 for the full length 700 Pro Chassis adapter. You can find out more over on Magpul’s website, here.

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