POTD: SAS with Colt Canada C8s During Counter Terrorism Op

    During a counter terrorism operation in Newcastle in the UK British counter terrorism police were joined by operators believed to be members of the British Army’s elite SAS. A 33 year old suspect was arrested on the 11 December during the operation. Armed police, specialist Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer and members of the UK’s SAS took part in a morning raid in Newcastle’s Arthur’s Hill area.

    SAS in Newcastle aiding counter terrorism operations (Chronicle Live)

    The local newspaper, the Chronicle Live, posted photographs of police and soldiers believed to be members of the SAS. The operators can be identified by their kit, an OpsCore FAST helmet in MC, Adaptive Vest System from Crye Precision and of course the L119A2 Special Forces Individual Weapon (SFIW) carbines fitted with Aimpoints. The L119A2 is based on the Colt Canada C8, they were upgraded from the earlier A1 pattern in 2013, with ambidextrous controls and a monolithic upper.


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