Palmetto State Armory Announces Gen 2 KS47

    PSA KS47

    KS-47 GEN 2 with a 16" carbine barrel with M-LOK forend (Palmetto State Armory)

    Palmetto State Armory has introduced their new and improved KS47. The Gen 2 makes a number of improvements aimed at reliability and feeding but maintains compatibility with many parts from the Gen 1. Palmetto State Armory is offering the KS47 G2 in four configurations: 2 pistols and 2 rifles.

    The company claims that the improvements they’ve made not only “make the rifle function more reliably and efficiently,” but they also “improve the overall shooting experience during the course of fire.” In a recent blog post, Palmetto State Armory explain they have improved the KS47’s barrel adding a single large feed ramp to aid feeding and have enlarged the diameter of the rifle’s gas port to increase cycling reliability.

    Mil-spec KS47 Gen 2 pistol (PSA)

    They’ve also added new mag stops to prevent over-insertion.  The new stops are machined into the billet lower receiver and are intended to “provide a more secure fit as you seat your magazine.” They will also stop the lips of the magazine being pushed up into the path of the bolt if the magazine is used as a monopod.

    In addition to the magazine stops the geometry of the bolt’s locking lugs have been altered to ensure that the KS47 Gen 2’s bolt feeds more smoothly and doesn’t tear up the magazine’s feed lips. PSA’s blog also notes that the Gen 2 will work with move aftermarket triggers except single piece drop-in trigger packs due to the housing interfering with the leg of the magazine release spring.

    The KS47 comes in two rifle configurations. The 16-inch carbine version comes with an MOE stock, pistol grip and enhanced EPT trigger and an MLOK forend – MSRP $919.99. The cheaper mil-spec 16-inch barrel carbine comes with a fixed front sight post and M4 spec furniture with an MSRP of $799.99.

     KS47 Gen 2 pistol

    Enhanced PSA KS47 Gen 2 pistol with MLOK forend (PSA)

    The two pistols are similar in configuration but have 9 and 10.5-inch barrels and come with SBA3 adjustable braces. The enhanced KS47 pistol prices at $949.99 MSRP while the more basic pistol comes in at $809.99 MSRP.


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