CZ Add New Pistols to their P-10 Line

    P-10 F

    CZ's new P-10 F (CZ)

    Česká zbrojovka have unveiled some new firearms for 2019, while the new guns aren’t yet available in the US they have appeared in CZ’s Europe catalogue. Three new additions expand the company’s popular P-10 series: The P-10 F, P-10 SC and the P-10 C OR.

    P-10 F

    CZ P-10 F

    CZ P-10 F (CZ)

    The P-10 F is the full sized duty pistol version of the P-10 C, knowing the market was most interested in compact pistols CZ initially launched with the P-10 C but have no introduced the P-10 F in 9x19mm. CZ says “There are situations when a pistol user appreciates a good grip, a large magazine capacity or a long sight line. These are the main benefits of this new member of the exceptionally successful CZ P-10 family: a standard size striker fired model.”

    The P-10 F has a magazine capacity of 19 rounds and weighs 0.8 kg or 1.76 lbs. Like the P-10 C it has a polymer frame and no manual safety. It’s overall length is 20.3cm or 8 inches and its height is 15cm or 6 inches. Check out CZ Europe’s product page for the pistol here.

    P-10 SC

    P10 SC

    CZ P-10 SC (CZ)

    Half way between the new F and the original C is the new P-10 SC, which CZ says is the “perfect model for users who would like to carry their pistol as covertly as possible and as comfortably as possible, but who also want to maximise the potential of the 9×19 cartridge as well as the advantages of a long barrel and slide.” The SC stands for ‘semi-compact’ with the new pistol combining the standard 4.5 inch barrel with a compact polymer frame. The SC weighs 0.78 kgs or 1.7 lbs and measures 5.2 inches tall by 8 inches long. Check out the product page here.

    P-10 C OR

    CZ P-10 C OR (CZ)

    The final new edition to the P-10 range is a new P-10 C with its receiver cut for a red dot sight. Originally unveiled back in March the P-10 C OR (Optics Ready) comes with a slick video pitting it against a standard P-10 C. Check out the product page here.

    TFB will keep you updated on when we might see these pistols reach the US market. In the meantime you can check out CZ Europe’s full 2019 catalogue here.

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