Carry Invisibly in Plain Sight?… NEW DeepCover: Off-Body EDC System


    A new IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign has been started for a pretty curious product which boasts the ability to easily conceal carry a pistol off-body. The newer company, Midrat Supply Co, touts their product, DeepCover, will change your mind on different ways to carry. The company is seeking an investment or crowd-funding effort of $125,000 for products that… “dramatically increase your bag’s functionality with little to no impact on your daily routine.”

    What Midrat Supply Co is potentially going to offer to consumers if their crowd-funding campaign is successful are messenger bags, backpacks, purses, and related everyday carry items with customize-able storage compartments for concealed carry. If you are wondering what the $125K is going to be used for, Midrat Supply Co is trying to purchase an injection molding tool to create the DeepCover frames which insert into everyday carry items.

    A little further background, history, and journey down the rabbit hole of this venture is provided by Midrat Supply Co through their IndieGoGo page and this statement:

    The concept for Deep Cover (DPCVR) came about close to two years ago while trying to figure out a good way to conceal and carry off-body. Carrying on-body is no-doubt the preferred choice when prudent and possible, but not every scenario and environment is going to lend itself to On-Body CCW.

    We started looking and found the market to be laden with bags made specifically for the Off-Body Carry of a firearm. The strong majority of these bags are very tactical in nature and project the fact that the wearer is carrying a firearm. The intent of carrying concealed is to remain as low-profile as possible… using a bag the broadcasts it’s contents seems rather counter-productive to that effort.


    Granted, some of those bags are very well designed and look great. However, it’s a single bag and asking it to work in every environment and every situation is a tall order and it simply can’t do it all. The choices are vast, but the good options are limited.

    The requirement to switch from one bag to another on a daily basis and even throughout the day at times is very real. Expecting one bag that’s equipped for off-body carry to fit in to each scenario is just unrealistic.

    Instead of trying to make one bag to rule them all, we thought, ‘How about we keep the bag and make something to work WITH IT.’

    The spark had ignited the fire and it was time to move.


    Some early bird pricing that can be acquired through their IndieGoGo page ranges from $50 for a simple Starter Pack on up to $260 for more elaborate ones. The shipping timelines are estimated around April 2019 if everything falls into place like they are hoping.

    So the real question is… Is this something you would invest in and would like to see come to market? More importantly, is this something you would own and utilize for concealed carry? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback and we are sure that Midrat Supply Co will as well.



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