Ruger PCC MLOK Options

    The Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) has garnered some popularity for people who want a take down rifle in something other than .22lr. The Ruger PCC has also found increased popularity in states with restrictive gun laws like California and New York. While the Ruger PCC has a small picatinny rail at the bottom end of the handguard, it is limiting in terms of adding accessories. There are a couple Ruger PCC MLOK options that are out in the market now.

    Parker Mountain Machine Ruger PCC MLOK Handguard

    The first MLOK upgrade option is the handguard replacement by Parker Mountain Machine. This is the most expensive upgrade at $150 MSRP but you have the most modularity with the PMM handguard. You can see it has five MLOK slots on the each of the sides and bottom. The PMM Handguard also has four QD sockets for running a two point sling.

    Midwest Industries Ruger PCC MLOK Adapter


    Thanks to my friend Daniel E. who told me about the Midwest Industries Ruger PCC MLOK adapter. The adapter provides you with 2.5 MLOK slots on either side of the handguard. It attaches to the factory handguard bottom picatinny mount.

    I picked one up and immediately noticed that I could direct mount my Scoutlight to the MLOK slot. This is actually something I have been doing for a while. The downside is that the Scoutlight does not have any lugs to bear recoil like a proper MLOK mount. But it does get the light body closer to the rail for a streamlines setup.

    Combined with the Cloud Defensive LCSmk1g MLOK tape switch control I have a slick weapon light setup.

    8-32 screws, the same I find on some of my Kydex holsters are the perfect size.

    The one downside to the Midwest Industries MLOK adapter is that you cannot attach anything at the 6 o’clock position. But it is cheaper at just $54.95 MSRP. Go to Midwest Industries website to learn more.

    Catalyst Arms Hardpoint

    There is a similarly priced option from Catalyst Arms. Their Hardpoint kit is $79.95 but they sell the front MLOK adapter separately for the same price as the Midwest Industries adapter. The Hardpoint Kit just includes a rear butt pad spacer with a QD socket machined into it so now you can use a two point sling on both ends.

    The Hardpoint front end provides only one MLOK slot but on both sides and the bottom. This limits you to using single slot rails or MLOK mounts that only occupy a single MLOK slot. The Hardpoint does provide a QD sling mount whereas the Midwest Industries does not. The hardpoint is narrower but it positions the MLOK slots in front of the handguard as opposed to the sides like the Midwest Industries. Another difference between the two MLOK adapters is the angle that the two side slots are machined. The Midwest Industries side slots are angled while the Catalyst Arms adapter have parallel sides. This may be a minor issue if you mount an aiming laser onto your Ruger PCC.  Go to Catalys Arms for more information.

    It is nice to see companies making accessories for the Ruger PCC. It is not your tactical mall ninja PCC PDW but you can accessorize it with some practical upgrades like lights and lasers. The price of the Catalyst and Midwest Ruger PCC MLOK options are reasonable for under $60 each. But if you want a more robust setup with more modularity, you can go for the PMM MLOK handguard.

    Nicholas C

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