Strike Industries Introduces Safety Selector Switch Stickers

    Strike Industries Mild & Hot sticker (Strike Industries)

    Strike Industries have released a new range of safety selector switch stickers to spice up your AR’s lower. The stickers include simple text like “Hard – Safe – Fast”, to more pictorial options including the tortoise and the hare, one based on mild and hot chillipeper warnings and even a ‘pew pew’ sticker.

    While not for everyone they might make a fun stocking filler the AR-guy who has everything this Christmas. You get 7 sets of stickers in each pack so you can run a different selector decal on your AR for each day of the week or deck out all your rifles.

    selector stickers

    Strike Industries full range of stickers (Strike Industries)

    Strike Industries launched the stickers on 30th November, with a post to their facebook. Here’s what Strike Industries have to say about the new sticker range:

    Add some flare to your Mil-Spec AR-15 with the new Strike Industries Safety Selector Switch Stickers! Instead of the boring old “SAFE” and “FIRE”, try “spicing” up your range time with one of our several stickers! Sure, switching from SAFE” to “FIRE” is satisfying, but switching from “NO PEW” to “PEW” really gets the adrenaline pumping. Strike Industries Selector Stickers is a great alternative to paying for custom engraving on your lower receivers.

    All the stickers in the new range cater for the lucky full auto lower owner but just as fitting for those who enjoy ‘full semi automatic‘. Sadly nothing for the AK guy yet. The stickers with the stripes would actually fit well with something like the Geissele Automatics prgressive High Speed Selector developed for the US Marine Corps.

    Tortoise and the Hare

    Tortoise and the Hare Selector Sticker (Strike Industries)

    They’ve missed a trick not including a Spinal Tap inspired ‘turn it up to 11’ style sticker or maybe a ‘Safe – Semi – Full Semi Auto’ sticker. Can you think of any other ideas that would make cool selector stickers? Throw them in the comments below!

    The stickers are available and shipping now with an MSRP of $7.95.


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