POTD: US and Swedish Marines in Exercise Archipelago Endeavor

    Today’s Photos are from this hot summer’s Exercise Archipelago Endeavor.

    The Swedish Marines of 1:st Marine Regiment aboard the island of Korso, Harsfjarden, Sweden, together with the U.S. Marines with Marine Rotational Force-Europe 18.1 conduct an amphibious assault from a Swedish Combat Boat 90.

    Exercise Archipelago Endeavor was an integrated field training exercise to increase the operational capability and enhances strategic cooperation between the U.S. Marines and Swedish forces.

    The Combat Boat 90 is like a tank on water, except the cannon.

    Harsfjarden, Sweden. This place is perhaps most famous for the hunt for unidentified submarines or submarine activity.

    Inside the Combat Boat 90.

    Have guns, ready to travel.

    US Marines in the Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.

    Swedish and US uniforms.

    Green Zombie smoke?

    M90 uniformed soldier with Ak5 (FN FNC).

    All pictures by U.S. Marine Corps, photo by Sgt. Victor A. Mancilla.

    For more great photos and information from this exercise check here: PSG-90 (L96A1 AW) in Archipelago Endeavor 2018