Laugo Arms To Launch the ALIEN Pistol in 2019


    Laugo Arms ALIEN (MilMag)

    Laugo Arms, the Czech company best known for developing the Scorpion Evo 3 and selling the design to CZ, have announced that they will be introducing their new ALIEN 9x19mm pistol in the Spring of 2019. Laugo Arms have been teasing the ALIEN for a while now; check out Nick’s write up about the pistol from October here.

    The ALIEN has an extremely low bore axis and a fixed barrel which is reported to dramatically reduce the muzzle climb of the pistol. The pistol also boasts a quick change optic rail, ideal for competition shooters. In a post to their facebook page on the 7th December, Laugo Arms announced that the AlIEN will be introduced with a limited run of 500 pistols.

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    The limited introductory run will come with a holster, a red dot sight, three magazines, and several upper slides. The pistol will be unveiled at the IWA exhibition in March 2019. Here’s Laugo Arms’ full announcement:

    Dear Laugo Arms friends and supporters,

    In 2019 Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia would release ALIEN 9mm pistol for commercial sales.

    We will manufacture just a limited edition of 500 pcs worldwide with original serial numbers from 001/500 to 500/500. Official release would take place at IWA exhibition on 8th March 2019 (Hall 3, booth 541) However availability may be different in various countries depending on import process. Especially in the US availability may be slightly delayedbut shouldn’t be later than in 7/2019. ALIEN 500 limited edition package would be sold only as fully equipped model with wide range of accessories.

    These accessories include:

    Red Dot- C MORE RTS 2
    Range Bag- Elornis Industries
    Holster with Heart6 Hinge- Elornis Industries
    One extra magazine with Aluminum pad , Mec-Gar (total 3 magazines)
    Aluminum Magwell- Laugo Arms
    Red Dot ready Upper Slide- Laugo Arms
    Iron Sights Upper Slide- Laugo Arms
    Cleaning kit

    Manufacturers Sales Recommended Price is 5000 USD +-10% can be slightly different in various countries based on different taxes and import costs.
    Next week we will publish first group of distributors for some countries.

    The introductory run of ALIEN pistols will be available worldwide, including in the US, with an MSRP of $5,000, whether the ALIEN will then enter full-scale production has yet to be announced.


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