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    Today we are introducing you a new firearm accessories manufacturing company called Keres Dynamics. The company is specialized in designing aftermarket parts for the SIG P320 pistol. In fact, they state that they aim “to take the P320 performance parts industry by storm“.

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    Keres Dynamics entered the industry with three SIG P320 products – flat trigger, extended magazine release and adjustable trigger. All these parts are machined out of Tennalum 7068-T6511 aluminum alloy. The company claims that this alloy gives their products “higher yield strength and equivalent hardness to 4130 Cr-Mo steel, yet remains as light as other 6000 and 7000 series alloys“. There is a more detailed description of this alloy on their website. The finish on Keres Dynamics products is MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard anodizing with Teflon impregnation for reduced friction and wear. Each of these three SIG P320 parts are available in black or silver anodized color options. All Keres Dynamics products are made in the USA and covered by lifetime warranty. Let’s take a brief look at each of the three accessories.

    PRO ACTION Flat Trigger

    According to Keres Dynamics, the geometry of this flat face trigger allows decreasing the trigger pull weight by 25% thanks to the increased leverage achieved by indexing your finger lower on the trigger shoe. The central raised rib and the slightly curved tip of the shoe are designed to allow for a quick and consistent indexing. Interestingly, the company notes that the rib geometry is also designed to provide a familiar feel for those who are transitioning to SIG P320 from Glock handguns.

    KERES Dynamics SIG P320 Products PRO ADJUST (4)

    The PRO ACTION flat trigger is available for purchase at an MSRP of $59.

    PRO EXTEND Extended Magazine Release

    This magazine release features an overall extended length and an enlarged angled thumb pad. The serrations on the button are designed to provide a tactile feedback and enhanced purchase on the button. There are two generations of SIG P320 magazine release buttons that have slightly different geometry. Keres Dynamics offers a replacement for both. On their website, you’ll find instructions allowing to determine what generation button your pistol is equipped with so that you can order a proper PRO EXTEND magazine release.

    KERES Dynamics SIG P320 Products PRO EXTEND (1)

    The PRO EXTEND magazine release button is listed at a price point of $49.

    PRO ADJUST Adjustable Flat Trigger

    The company claims that this is the first commercially available adjustable trigger for the SIG P320 platform. The PRO ADJUST trigger allows adjusting both the take-up and overtravel resulting in overall trigger travel reduction by up to 60%. The advantage of having a minimal pretravel and overtravel is the crisp trigger pull and short reset that allow making faster follow up shots. The adjustments are done via two set screws built into the trigger. The geometry of the trigger shoe is identical to that of the PRO ACTION trigger.

    KERES Dynamics SIG P320 Products PRO ADJUST (2)

    The MSRP of PRO ADJUST trigger is $89.

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