High Desert Outdoor Research Deploys Kalix Teknik CR1 & CR2

    high desert outdoor research

    One of the most memorable things that has ever been told to me since my romance of firearms began as a child was this… you can’t hit what you can’t see. This can mean a lot of things, but when we are all in pursuit of shrinking our group size or downing an elk across a valley, that old adage carries a lot of weight. This is where High Desert Outdoor Research comes into the picture with a product all too many of us probably need.

    High Desert Outdoor Research has released a cheek rest and tool-less comb insert respectively dubbed the Kalix Teknik CR1 and CR2. We covered the release of this foreign product last year, which you can now get in the US from HDOR. When shooting a rifle in any capacity, you should never be straining, squirming, leaning, or squinting to see what you are aiming at. You should naturally shoulder the rifle, catch ample eye relief or sight picture, and be able to deliver a winning shot. Every time.

    The current MSRP for the Kalix Teknik CR1 and CR2 is $145, and they are readily available on High Desert Outdoor Research‘s website. To give a better all-encompassing explanation of this much-needed product, High Desert Outdoor Research provides us with this Press Release statement:

    CEDAR CREST, New Mexico – November 26,2018 – High Desert Outdoor Research is proud to announce the most recent additions to their product lines: the Kalix Teknik CR1 and CR2. The CR1 is an adjustable cheek rest compatible with over 90 composite stocks, and the CR2 is a tool-less comb insert designed for wooden stocks.

    A perfect sight picture requires proper fitment of a rifle, notably the comb height. Customized comb height allows you to be more consistent, which leads to increased accuracy. Now you can obtain your ideal fit with the easy installation of a Kalix Teknik CR1.

    High Desert Outdoor Research

     Kalix Teknik CR1 Adjustable Cheek Rest on a Tikka T3 rifle

    For shooters with a wooden stock, High Desert Outdoor Research also carries the Kalix Teknik CR2.

    End users who are not comfortable installing the CR1 can ship their stock to High Desert Outdoor Research. High Desert Outdoor Research uses the MFIX installation tool from Kalix Teknik, designed to guarantee a flawless installation of the CR1 adjustable cheek rest. This service is only available in the United States.

    As noted at the end of the Press Release, if you personally do not feel comfortable making this modification yourself you are always welcome to send your firearm into High Desert Outdoor Research where they can professionally do it for you.

    I, personally, like the idea of this product a lot. To put a spin on the old adage that was imparted to me years ago, this product ensures that… you can see what you are trying to hit. What do all of you think though? Is this something that you could benefit from tremendously? Or does your rifle fit you OK from the factory? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback.

    high desert outdoor research

    Kalix Teknik CR1

    high desert outdoor research

    Kalix Teknik CR2

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