FB Radom Introduce Special Edition wz. 35 Pistol

    wz.35 VIS

    Commemorative wz.35 VIS (FB Radom)

    Back in December 2017, TFB reported that FB Radom were working to bring Poland’s iconic pistol of World War Two, the wz. 35 VIS back into limited production. With 2018 marking the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regained independence at the end of the First World War the company have announced that a very special limited run will be produced.

    The 9x19mm wz.35 , developed by Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński in the early 1930s, was adopted as the Polish service pistol in 1935. Poland made around 49,000 VIS were made before Germany and Russia invaded in September 1939. Production continued at Radom under Nazi occupation, with approximately 330,000 more pistols produced before 1945. FB Radom say that just 50 commemorative wz.35 pistols will be offered in special presentation cases. These will be offered for 16,000 PLN or $4,225.


    A new commemorative presentation cased wz.35 celebrating 100th anniversary of Poland’s regained independence in 1918. (FB Radom)

    Here’s FB Radom’s press release on the launch of the centennial wz.35s:

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the regaining of independence by Poland, Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” – Radom sp. Z o. O. Produced the occasional series of pistols VIS wz.35 based on the original, pre-war documentation. Each of the pistols has an occasional engraving depicting the pennant of the II RP cavalry from 1939 and the inscription “100 YEARS OF THE INDEPENDENT”. In addition, each of the pistols has an individual serial number, beginning with 201801 and ending
    201850. The above numbers refer directly to 2018, in which we celebrate the 100 anniversary of independence.

    VIS pistol wz. 35 constructed by eminent engineers – Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński. It is a personal weapon for self-defense and combat at short distances. It works on the principle of a short recoil of the barrel, the lock is bolted by piercing the barrel. Produced in 1936-1939 at the Arms Factory in Radom, it was a full-time pistol for arming officers and non-commissioned officers of the Polish Army.

    Retail price PLN 16,000 gross.


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