Remington Introduces the RM380 Executive


    The Remington RM380 Executive (Remington)

    Remington have introduced an ‘Executive’ version of their popular RM380 series pocket pistol. The all metal RM380 Executive has a stainless steel barrel and slide with a black anodised aluminium frame and laminated Makassar ebony grips.

    The RM380 has a 6 + 1 magazine capacity and as the name would suggest chambered 380 ACP. The Executive has a 2.75 inch stainless steel match barrel with a 1 in 16 twist and an overall weight of 12.2 oz unloaded.

    Here’s Remington’s announcement in full:

    A tough, all-metal construction for ultimate durability and longevity, the RM380 also features the longest barrel in its class to maximize muzzle velocity and bullet expansion, while facilitating shooting precision and accuracy. Weighing just 12.2 ounces unloaded and measuring just 5 ¼ inches long, the RM380 is easy for anyone to carry unobtrusively, and with an extended beavertail grip, it facilitates a smooth draw even in suboptimal conditions.

    The RM380 also features a light and smooth double-action-only trigger, fully functional low profile slide stop, light slide racking force, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The replaceable grip panels allow for customization while the optimized grip angle allows for greater shootability and comfort.

    Model RM380 Key Features and Benefits:

    – Fully Functional Slide Stop – holds open on last round

    – Chambered in .380 Auto

    – All-Metal Construction – for durability and longevity (7075 Aluminum Frame)

    – 410 Stainless Steel Barrel – longest barrel in its class

    – Precise Barrel to Slide Lock-Up – for accuracy and precision

    – Long, Smooth, Light DAO Trigger – for safety and shootability

    – Fully Ambidextrous, Low Profile Magazine Release

    – Checkered Front Strap and Trigger Guard Undercut – allows for improved control and higher hand hold

    – Optimized Grip Angle – for comfort, recoil management, and increased shootability

    – Extended Beavertail – protects hand and promotes correct grip when drawing in suboptimal conditions

    – Grip Panels – Laminate Macassar

    – Two 6+1 Magazines – one extended floor plate and one flush

    – Wide, Positive Cocking Serrations

    – Rugged Fixed Sights – contoured to be snag free

    – Light Dual Recoil Spring system – for easy slide racking and lifetime use

    The Executive is available now, with an MSRP of $405.


    Matthew Moss

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