New CMMG Product Configuration and Model Designation System

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    CMMG has announced that for 2019 they are launching a new system of product model and configuration designations. This new system makes it easier to understand the model line of the company by giving their products simple names and categorizing them by type of the weapon and by the grade of the build.

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    If you visit the company’s website, you can already see that their guns are now divided into three categories:

    1. BANSHEE – includes the CMMG pistols and SBRs
    2. RESOLUTE – in this category, you can find the company’s rifles and carbines
    3. ENDEAVOR – this category includes the DMR type long range rifles

    Each of the above-mentioned weapon categories will be available in several grades of accessorization marked as 100, 200 and 300-series. Here is the description of these series quoted from the company’s website:

    100 Series

    In the 100 Series you will find classic furniture appointments like the beloved A2 pistol grip, 6-position or fixed buttstocks and A2 Birdcage flash hider.

    200 Series

    The 200 Series is a feature-rich choice, outfitted with modern furniture choices like Magpul’s MOE® pistol grip, CMMG’s revolutionary RIPSTOCK™ or RIPBRACE™ and CMMG’s effective single-chamber SV muzzle brake.

    300 Series

    The 300 Series comes with all the bells and whistles, including your choice of ten Cerakote® colors that come standard. Ambidextrous controls and sling points, premium 2-stage trigger, Magpul grip, CMMG’s RIPSTOCK or PRS® stock, CMMG’s SV muzzle brake are just a few of the features found on the 300 Series.

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    The CMMG suppressor line will still be marketed under the DefCan name. The company will also change the packaging of their products. Below you can also find a video announcing these changes.

    I think this kind of intuitive system of product designation is a good improvement. Often times companies give complicated model names to their products which require you to be a Doctor of Philosophy to understand or memorize them. With a system like the one introduced by CMMG, things are much easier. Now you can simply ask Santa to bring you a 300-series Banshee!

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