TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Lights, Lasers, Night Vision

    TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Lights, Lasers, Night Vision

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Season’s Greetings dear TFB readers, and welcome back to our third annual holiday gift giving guide. Honestly, I’m the last person who would insist our articles be politically correct, but I absolutely believe in being inclusive to all segments of the shooting community. So while this is the first day of our 12 Days Of Christmas series, it is also the last day of Hanukkah. And there’s no better way to celebrate than giving the gift of light in these darkest weeks of the year. Here are some highlights from our weaponlight, flashlight, IR laser and night vision coverage from 2018.

    Here’s the deal: Over the next 12 days we will share some of the products we have used during the year and then you can decide if any of your loved ones are worthy of receiving a nice gift as seen on TFB. If you have a better suggestion, please leave me a note in the comments section below.

    Since you are asking, I prefer Brownells Gift Cards. I promise I’ve been a really good boy.

    TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Lights, Lasers, Night Vision


    Rather than reinventing the wheel, my man James has listed off the handheld flashlights that he used on some of his many adventures in 2018. Shorts not included.

    Surefire X400V – Weaponlight, IR Laser, IR Illuminator

    The SureFire X400V IRc is a highly versatile dual-spectrum handgun WeaponLight that also boasts an integral Class 1 infrared-laser sight for use with night vision devices (NVD). This groundbreaking X400 model—which also mounts to long guns with MIL-STD-1913 rails—features a white-light and an infrared LED in its innovative V-Series head that will meet virtually any mission requirement.

    In white-light mode selected from its bezel, the recoil-proof LED delivers 350 lumens of tactical-level visible light shaped by its TIR lens into a focused beam with significant reach and substantial peripheral illumination for situational awareness. Just push and twist the self-locking bezel selector to switch to IR mode and get 120 mW of non-visible (to the naked eye) infrared illumination for applications involving NVDs—no infrared filter required. There is also an off setting on the bezel.

    Check prices on Amazon here.

    Inforce APLc Weaponlight

    The APL Compact is a brand new INFORCE product providing 200 lumens of vibrant white light with up to 1.5 hours of runtime. Ultra-light and durable inside and out, weighing less than 2 ounces, it provides a high-intensity tight beam to fill your field of view for close to mid-range target identification. The water-resistant, glass reinforced polymer body is incredibly powerful and ultra-compact. Extensively tested, it integrates with MIL-STD-1913 rails and offers constant and momentary operating modes. Textured paddles for a non-slip grip and ambidextrous on/off switches enable left or right hand activation. In addition, the easy-to-operate lockout system ensures the light isn’t activated until you’re ready.

    Check prices on Amazon here.

    Streamlight TLR-HL

    The TLR-1 HL now provides an 800 lumen blast of light for maximum illumination while clearing a room or searching an alley. Its wide beam pattern lights up large areas so you can identify who or what is nearby.

    Check prices on Amazon here.

    B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1 

    Introducing the MAWL-C1+, the world’s first commercially available infrared and visible green laser aiming device using Class 1+™ technology. The MAWL-C1+ offers all of the ergonomic, clarity, modularity, and interface enhancements of the MAWL-DA, and offers more infrared illumination output power than any FDA Class 1 laser on the commercial market.

    Pulsar Helion XP50

    HELION thermal imaging scopes are based on an IR sensor (uncooled microbolometer) are represented by a number of models featuring various magnification and lens diameter. The scopes are designed for the use both in the night-time and during the day in adverse weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) to see through obstacles hindering detection of targets (branches, tallgrass, thick bushes etc.).
    HELION thermal imaging scopes do not require an external source of light and are not affected by bright light exposure. HELION thermal imaging scopes are designed for various areas of application including night hunting, observation, trail orienteering, rescue operations etc.

    Check prices on Amazon here.

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