UPDATE: Houthi’s 14.5x114mm ASHTAR Spotted in Action

    A video report broadcast by the Yemeni official TV (and manipulated by the Houthi) showed snipers operating against Saudi troops and among these snipers the Houthi’s local made rifle in Yemen, the Ashtar 14.5x114mm was spotted.

    In a previous article, I discussed eight of the locally made anti-materiel rifles and light cannons developed and produced by the Iranian backed Houthies, at that time I hadn’t spotted this rifle in deployed usage nor had a closer look on It, the information was based on the photos released by their department of military production.

    The rifle, which I believe it’s a modernized version of the Ashtar based on a number of features–namely the shock absorber located under the barrel and connecting it to the rifle’s frame/chassis. All the other distinctive features such as the muzzle brake, the bipod, the trigger guard and the rear monopod (under the butt stock) are all remain the same of the rifle we saw before.

    There was another video report released showing the original Ashtar with everything we talked about in the old article.

    Below I have included pictures of the two rifles just in case YouTube removes the videos which has happened a few times.

    A reminder of Ashtar:

    • Caliber : 14.5x114mm
    • Action : Bolt Action, Single Shot
    • Max. Range : 3000 meters
    • Effective Range : 1800 meters
    • Weight : 28 kg (61.72 lbs)
    • Overall Length : 2120mm (83.46 in)


    The Original



    The Derivative

    An overall view set forth the rifle where the muzzle brake, bipod and trigger guard in appearance which resembles the original rifle with some changes.

    A close-up view of the receiver shows that they milled the receiver, hollowing it out to reduce some weight. They also added three picatinny rails rather than only one for more attachments –one on top and two on sides.  Also if you took a closer look, you will see the shock absorber just right under the firing chamber.

    In these videos where the rifles appear, the Houthies were still in alliance with Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former Yemeni president, who was described by the news anchor as the historical leader of Yemen and stating some of his quotes, well that was before they turn against him and kill him in his house, pretty ironic.

    You will also watch the combatants talking in the reportage with bubbles in their cheeks, that’s the Khat drug they are storing in their mouths which explains why they look high AF… 🙂


    Marawan Maklad

    Marawan Maklad is an Egyptian firearms and ammunition designer working for Turkish company specializing in the hunting and defense industries, and a dedicated researcher in asymmetric conflicts arms and tactics.