Philippines Orders 50,000 .45 ACP Pistols

    TAC Ultra FS

    Rock Island Armory/ARMSCOR's TAC Ultra FS - a double stack .45 ACP pistol (ARMSCOR)

    The Philippine Department of National Defense has announced that they have signed a contract to manufacture 50,000 ‘.45 caliber high-capacity pistols’ with ARMSCOR for the use by the Philippine armed forces (AFP).

    Part of a push by the Philippine government to increase their indigenous production and self-reliance. The announcement did not detail which pistol will be produced. It may be derived from one of the .45 ACP pistols produced by ARMSCOR for commercial sale and take a form similar to ARMSCOR/Rock Island Armory’s TAC Ultra FS, a .45 ACP 1911 pattern pistol that feeds from a 13 round, double stack magazine or perhaps their GI Standard FS HC with its 10 round magazine.

    Here’s the Philippine Department of National Defense’s statement, shared via the Philippine News Agency:

    The Department of National Defense (DND) and ARMSCOR Global Defense Incorporated have signed a contract for the manufacture of 50,000 .45 caliber high-capacity pistols for the use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

    In a statement Wednesday, DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong said the contract was formally signed by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and ARMSCOR president and chief executive officer, Martin Tuason, to start production of the weapons.

    He added that this collaboration between the DND and ARMSCOR is in line with the DND’s efforts towards “witnessing a Rebirth of Defense Self-Reliance.”

    “This initiative of optimizing our local resources contributes to the development of our economic and labor industries by providing jobs for Filipinos and contributing to economic growth – positive effects that far outweigh DND’s spending in importation. The SND (Secretary of National Defense) also stated that ‘it signifies a trust in our own country’s craftsmanship and expertise’,” Andolong stressed.

    Meanwhile, Tuason, in his speech, emphasized his support for the defense sector.

    “I look forward to making more guns, more ammunition and more products that we can do here in the Philippines as we progress. ARMSCOR backs the Filipino people and we support the AFP,” he added. Both parties believe that this partnership will set the standard for future projects of the government in procuring local materials.


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