Ohio Police Seize 80 Firearms from Convicted Felon

    Weapons confiscated from the felon (New Philadelphia Police)

    Officers from Ohio’s New Philidelphia police department have seized a large number of firearms and a substantial amount of ammunition from a 73-year-old convicted felon and registered sex offender.

    The firearms and ammunition were seized after a report was made that a man was abusing the power of attorney that had been granted to him by a friend and neighbor. New Philadelphia PD said that the seizure was one of the largest in Ohio’s recent history. The 73-year-old suspect, who has an extensive criminal history, was taking the firearms and then selling them without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

    From the photos made available by the police, the collection includes a large collection of handguns in various calibers, a number of 10-22s and other .22 caliber rifles, several AR-15s, a substantial number of bolt action hunting rifles and a gen 1 Kel-Tech SUB-2000.

    Here’s New Philadelphia PD’s statement on the arrest in full:

    On November 14, 2018, Officer Kurt Olson of the New Philadelphia Police Department seized over 76 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition from outside of an apartment building on West High, where a 73 year old male subject was in the process of taking the firearms and selling them without the owner’s knowledge. This is one of the largest gun seizures in the State in recent history.

    Earlier in the week the family of the firearms owner had contacted the New Philadelphia Police Department over concerns that her brother, due to failing health, had set up a Power of Attorney with an individual who was a convicted felon and that he was going to take advantage of her brother and his estate. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that this subject has an extensive criminal history containing numerous felony convictions along with being currently registered as a tier II sex offender. Due to his criminal history, it is unlawful for him to use, posses or have control of ANY firearm.

    The owner of the firearms stated that he thought that this 73-year-old was a friend and that this man had approached him to be his power of attorney only to help with his bills and for help with caring for his cats. He said that he never gave him permission, nor did he have knowledge that he was just after his firearm collection.
    Through Officer Olson’s actions and his active patrol techniques, he successfully saved a resident of New Philadelphia from falling prey to a devastating theft of his extensive gun collection. The New Philadelphia Police want to remind the residents to consult with a qualified attorney prior to setting up someone with the power of attorney over them and their assets.

    This subject could be facing numerous felony charges for the possession of these firearms which is unlawful both by Federal law and State law. The full report has been sent to the Tuscarawas County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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