Festive Firearms Cookie Cutters from Kitfox Design Group

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Everyone loves festive firearms themed cookies (Kitfox Design Group)

The KitFox Design Group, the company behind the firearms colouring book series, have announced the launch of a set of festive firearms-based cookie cutters. The set includes cutters shaped like a Glock, a snubnose revolver, a Krinkov AK, an AR and an IPSC target.

Kitfox Design Group is lead by Idaho-based graphic designer and technical illustrator Sara Westman, who set up the company a few years ago. She’s worked with a number of industry names and in 2017 launched a firearms colouring book. The new cookie cutters seems like an ideal stocking filler for the firearms loving friends and family members.

The cookie cutter set from includes cutters shaped like a snubnosed revolver, an AK, an AR, a Glock and a target (Kitfox Design Group)

In a press release Westman said:

There is no better way to express your love for firearms at Aunt Judith’s annual holiday party than a plate full of revolver shaped sugar cookies.

Going to a boring holiday party and want to spice things up with some Krinkov shaped gingerbread cookies? You got it! “My wife and mother in law are giving me shady looks about the cookie cutters. I love it!” They’re sure to trigger your safe space loving blue haired cousin, too. Maybe you’re just taking it easy this holiday season, and simply want to eat a glock shaped keto shortbread cookie with your veteran-brewed coffee while wearing your Kalashnikov-themed ugly Christmas sweater.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cookies you make or how you decorate them – these cookie cutters are sure to create some sweet conversation about firearms this holiday season. That is ultimately the goal of Kitfox Design Group: creating the opportunity for positive conversations surrounding firearms without having to be at the range or at a gun counter. It doesn’t get much more American than this.

MSRP is $15.99 and each order comes with a digital cookie recipe book. You can pick up a set on their webite: https://kitfoxdesigngroup.com/


Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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