POTD: The Very Hush B&T VP9 (Veterinary Pistol)

    Today’s Photo is the B&T VP9 (Veterinary Pistol) – a firearm that many would like to own, but few can. (sorry, that’s was unintentional)

    The picture is from Vogt Waffen AG in Switzerland, used with kind permission.

    B&T veterinary pistol VP9 suppressed, cal. 9 x 19 mm

    The VP9 is, as a repeating pistol in caliber 9 x 19 mm with an integrated suppressor, the most quiet pistol in this caliber on the market. The barrel, due to several holes in front of the chamber, slows normal (supersonic) ammunition down to subsonic speed, therefore the suppression is optimal.

    The B&T’s VP9 also addresses some needs that special forces might have during their special operations, and it’s impossible not to make a reference to the old Welrod.

    One of the reasons the VP9 is so quiet is because of the replacement discs inside the suppressor, but they degrade after 20 rounds or so.

    The magazine is a single-stack metal SIG P225, modified to take only 5 rounds and to become a part of the pistol grip itself.

    Here’s a video of the VP9 being shot and sound measured versus a Glock. As you can see it is possible to shoot the VP9 fairly quickly. A friend of mine acquired quite some skill to shoot the VP9 fast.

    Please check Vogt Waffen out here.