POTD: BGM-71 TOW vs. T-tank

    Since the advent of the American made BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile ATGM with Syrian rebels,  it became a game changer, putting Tanks, Fortifications, on-land and low altitude Aircraft and Infantry assemblages in a serious danger with it’s upgraded warheads and a maximum range of 3750 meters / 2.33 miles.

    Many videos released by the Syrian rebels showing their usage of this missile against all of the above targets, and pretty effective it was.

    Since its first appearance in service, in 1970’s and TOW missiles were subject to continuous improvements that make it very effective against all modern day armors of our present time.

    What appears here is a Syrian’s Army Russian made T-tank that was parking on a hill taking a hit from another hill by the BGM-71 missile -it was too far to identify it’s exact model whether it is T-72, T-80 or T-90- apparently the tank couldn’t stand a chance even with its reactive armor, the tank was roasted and the main gun which was loaded did infectiously shot the shell due to the explosion.

    A live demonstration of what an ATGM can do to a modern Main Battle Tank.