NEW Springfield Armory Range Officer – RO Elite Operator 10mm

    ro elite operator

    Springfield Armory has a new pistol for all of us and it delivers some more of that 10mm goodness! This morning they have unveiled the NEW RO Elite Operator 10mm. Aside from the TRP models Springfield Armory has introduced to the market, the RO Elite Operator is now on a short list of 10mm handguns available to consumers in a 1911 frame.

    The Range Officer (RO) Elite Operator boasts a lot of the components that are central to the ever-growing Range Officer line of handguns. The shooter has a 5″ Stainless Steel, Match-Grade barrel available to them. You also have the Black-T® finish seen on other high-end 1911s from Springfield Armory that is very wear-resistant. The rest of the overflowing spec list can be read below, as presented by Springfield Armory:

    • Caliber: 10mm
    • Magazines: Two (2) – 8 Round Stainless Steel
    • Barrel: 5” S/S, Match-Grade w/ Fully-Supported Ramp; S/S Bushing;1:16” LH Twist w/ 6-Groove Rifling
    • Sights: Fiber Optic Front &Tactical Rack White Dot Rear
    • Trigger: SA Gen 2, 4-Window Speed Trigger
    • Grips: Thin-Line Black/Gray G10
    • Frame: Forged Steel, Black-T® Finish, Ambi Thumb Safety & Accessory Rail
    • Slide: Forged Steel, Black-T® Finish w/ Ball Cut & Front Serrations
    • Recoil System: 18 ½ Lbs, G.I. Style
    • Height: 5 ½”
    • Length: 8.6”
    • Weight (Empty Magazine): 41 Ounces
    • MSRP: $1,145

    RO Elite Operator

    Another key trait about the RO Elite series that is very subtle that some people may overlook is the grips. The G10 material is almost a standard for 1911s nowadays, but the thin nature of those on the RO Elite Operator and all RO Elite pistols allows for more shooters to comfortably handle and manipulate the functions of the pistol.

    To better round out your perspective of the NEW RO Elite Operator, Springfield Armory offers up this public statement combing over all of the great features of this new 10mm:

    GENESEO, ILL. (11/19/18) – The Springfield Armory RO® Elite series ups the ante in power with the introduction of its newest model in 10mm.

    New for Fall 2018, the RO Elite features premium upgrades in the popular 10mm caliber for shooters interested in competition, hunting or personal defense use. It features a 5-inch match grade stainless steel barrel with a fully supported chamber and a forged steel frame and slide that are precision-fit for fluid-smooth function. Coated in Black-T®, this highly corrosion resistant self-lubricating treatment is built to withstand the most punishing conditions, and is the same treatment specified on Springfield Armory 1911s built for the FBI’s SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams.

    Equipped with an 18.5 lb. recoil spring, the RO Elite 10mm is well-balanced and soft shooting, taming the power of the hottest 10mm loads. A Picatinny rail allows operators to attach accessories, and slanted serrations on the front and the rear of the slide encourage easy manipulation of the slide.

    The forged slide and frame, the heart and soul of Springfield Armory 1911s, sets this gun apart from competitors cast models on the market by surpassing them in both strength and durability. Early attempts in the firearms industry to make a 10mm pistol fell short due to these firearms inability to endure the abuse from the pressure of this cartridge. Springfield Armory engineers specifically designed the RO Elite 10mm to offer superior performance in the face of repeated recoil and have built an incredibly strong 1911 that will last lifetimes.

    A tactical rack white-dot rear sight allows for single-handed operation of the slide should the need arise.  The fiber optic front sight provides quick and effortless target acquisition.

    Springfield Armory’s crisp Gen 2 trigger, ambidextrous thumb safety, and custom thin-line G-10 grips were designed specifically for the RO series and add premium features to the time tested 1911 platform.

    The RO Elite 10mm – Springfield Armory craftsmanship, power and performance that dominates the competition.

    ro elite operator

    The 10mm is absolutely not a new cartridge by any stretch of the imagination, but it recently has become the darling of the handgun world. With the ability to hunt medium-sized game like black bear, whitetail deer, and pigs you have a reliable primary hunting firearm you can place right on your hip. With the velocity of the 10mm, you have flat shooting accuracy that could serve anyone well in a local league. Finally, with the easy-to-manipulate controls and the power of the 10mm cartridge, you have a strong option as a defense or CCW pistol. All good reasons to give the RO Elite Operator or a 10mm a try.

    What truly matters though is what do you guys and gals think? Does this new option of a 1911 from Springfield Armory have you pretty intrigued? Would this be something you would be willing to add to your collection? Or is the RO Elite Operator a pistol you would pass on? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    ro elite operator

    ro elite operator

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