Today’s Photo of The Day is more exotic than you first might realize.

    Location: Republic of Liberia, in West Africa. In a place called Bong Mines.

    The rifle is a Barret M82 .50 caliber, but in this version called AG90C (Swedish Armed Forces).

    If you have sharp eyes, you can spot the Three Crowns insignia on top of the rifle scope, which is a Hensholdt with power 10x fixed, called Kikarsikte 90B. There are some more pictures of the setup used here.

    You can spot some targets to the right of the lake. The targets are white sheets, and the distance is about 1 000 meters (1 093 yards).

    You might ask what a Swedish Barret M82 is doing in Liberia, and the answer it was part of a United Nations Mission there.

    Thanks to a kind reader who gave us permission to use the picture and the background.