Brownells Introduce Retro Range ‘Custom’ 1911


    Brownells new BRN-1911 (Brownells)

    Brownells is continuing to expand its Retro series with the addition of a 1911 pistol recalling the style of classic 1980s custom 1911s.

    Teaming up with Ed Brown, Brownells is adding its first pistol to their Retro range. The two-tone BRN-1911 is being produced by Ed Brown. Brownells note that the pistol ties into their heritage as a parts supplier for custom gunsmiths who have for years produced custom 1911s.

    Brn 1911

    Right side of Brownells new BRN-1911 (Brownells)

    Here’s Brownells’press release announcing the launch of the BRN-1911 in full:

    Brownells, in partnership with Ed Brown, has added the first handgun to its Retro line of firearms, releasing the BRN-1911, a 45 ACP semi-automatic pistol.

    Hand crafted by legendary 1911 maker Ed Brown exclusively for Brownells, the BRN-1911 is a two-tone handgun intended to replicate the look, feel and performance of custom 1911 pistols made in the 1980s through early 1990s.

    The BRN-1911 retails for $2,499.99.

    The full-sized Government Model has a stainless steel frame and a blued slide with standard Colt-style slide serrations, adjustable BoMar sights and cocobolo wood grips. All internal parts are fully CNC-machined with no MIM and no cast parts used.

    “The BRN-1911 is inspired by the custom builds produced by gunsmiths for years, which Brownells has been proud to support,” said Brownells Director of Product Management Paul Levy. “In particular, Brownells and Ed Brown referenced features found on classic builds from the 1980s, such as the two tones, Bo-Mar sights, 25 lpi front strap and above all a clean appearance.”

    The BRN-1911 comes with a Brownells Signature Series pistol case and a pair of Ed Brown 7-round magazines. The package offers the customer the tight lockup and hand fitting of a high-quality custom 1911 at an attractive price.

    The BRN-1911 is listed as is #100-030-996 on the Brownells website and has an MSRP of $2,499.99. Check out Brownells for more information

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