SILENCER SATURDAY #48: EForm Form 4s And Holiday Deals


    Hello fellow pewpew lovers and thank you for joining us here at TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where the only thing better than leftover turkey sandwiches are discount silencers and fast Form 4 approvals. Speaking of which, this week I have put together a Holiday Deals Extravaganza that I think includes the best prices of the year on some solid performing silencers and accessories. We’ll also update these deals as a part of TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas series in the weeks ahead.

    EForm Form 4s?

    Recently we have discussed the return of the ATF EForm Form 1 “Maker” applications and many of you have asked about when can we expect to see Form 4 “Transfer” applications also make a reappearance. According to sources who are close to the situation, we are about a year away from the ATF reopening EForm Form 4 transfers with a target timeframe set for late 2019. So if you are thinking about waiting for two week approval times for purchasing commercially made suppressors, just remember that paper Form 4 applications are being approved in about six to seven months. Obviously waiting a year for the possibility of a two week approval will mean that you will have waited at best 54 weeks.

    The bad news is of course the year-long wait for the updated EForm system. However the good news is that at least part of the delay is centered on bringing electronic fingerprint submissions into Eforms. Implemented fully, applicants will be able to have their fingerprints taken at any Live Scan equipped location and have them sent directly to the ATF.  No ink pads, cover sheets or the U.S Postal Service to slow the application process down.

    Of course, like any system upgrade/migration, I fully expect there will be growing pains. But, if successful, the paperless process should streamline the the NFA world from top to bottom. Consumers will flock to buy more suppressors, dealers will restock their inventory and manufacturers will increase production. If history repeats itself, the eventual system upgrades will be so successful that the system will be flooded with applications and approval times will end up leveling off somewhere between three weeks and six months. Such is life.

    Holiday DEALs Extravaganza

    I spent some time digging for silencer and accessory deals in the hopes of giving everyone a head start on their Christmas list. And there are some solid deals to be had – the Sig rifle/rimfire combo at Silencer Shop are definitely worth a look as are the ~$300 Gemtech Trek II direct thread rifle silencers from Gun Pro Deals. If I missed a discount or dealer offering special pricing, please let me know in the comments section below.

    Have a great week everyone. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you back here for episode #49 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

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