Strike Industries 3D Zombie Target

    Strike Industries 3D Zombie Target (1)

    Strike Industries has released another new product. Nope, this time it is not a gun part or accessory but a target depicting a zombie. If you know this company then you also know that there must be something interesting and innovative in their products. And that’s the case with these targets, too. The 3D Zombie Target is designed to be used with 3D glasses to provide an effect of a 3-dimensional target.

    Strike Industries 3D Zombie Target (1)

    Besides being overwhelmingly cool, these targets are also designed to develop a skill of shooting with both eyes open. Here is how Strike Industries puts it:

    The 3D Zombie Target was designed as a means to help improve the shooters technique by forcing them to fire with both eyes open in order to experience the 3D effect. Shooting with both eyes open is an important habit to develop, because attempting to keep the shooters non-dominant eye shut can potentially derail the shooter’s concentration, which can result in less-than-accurate shot placement

    One technique that people utilize to develop this specific skill is to put chap-stick or Vaseline on the lens of the eye pro they’re using, but just over the non-dominant eye. This helps blur out the image and retrains the brain to only use one eye to focus on the target. The 3D Zombie Target achieves the same result by utilization of the anaglyph 3D effect.

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    The Strike Industries 3D Zombie Targets come with one pair of 3D glasses that should be worn over or under the eye protection. Below you can also find a video showing and telling about the 3D Zombie Targets.


    The 3D Zombie Targets are available in packs of 5 or 25 targets with MSRPs of $17.95 and $69.95 respectively. That is $3.59 or $2.80 per target depending on the bought quantity.

    This is one of those products which makes me think “why didn’t anyone else make such stuff before?”. Or did they? Let us know if you know about a similar product available on the market.

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