Integrally Suppressed Sten Suppressor Coming Soon From GSL Technology

    When I visited GSL Technology they had a few projects they were working on. At the time I could not post about them since they were still works in progress or they were waiting on patent pending like the GSL Technology Boss emergency suppressor. One of their other projects has just got the green light to be published. They are making a Sten suppressor.

    Integrally Suppressed Sten Suppressor

    Sten suppressor

    The Sten SS is an integrally suppressed setup similar to an MP5SD design. AWC used to make an integrally suppressed sten suppressor. And according to Ian of Forgotten Weapons, the original suppressed Stens were not designed to be fired full auto.

    MP5SD barrel. Photo from

    STEN SS ported barrel by GSL Technology

    The barrel is ported to bleed off gas and pressure behind the bullet which lowers the speed to sub sonic levels. Just like the MP5SD, you can shoot 115 gr super sonic ammo and it will sound like you are shooting sub sonic ammo.

    The barrel is for MKII Sten guns and you just unscrew the factory barrel for GSL Technology’s ported 9″ barrel. Then you attach the suppressor onto the barrel.

    Sten SS suppressor attached to the ported barrel.

    Testing The Sten SS

    The Sten SS suppressor works so well that the bolt is annoyingly loud when you shoot it. Listen to the video below with headphones.


    Listen to this video as well with head phones. You can hear the 9mm rounds hit the dirt backstop.

    The Sten SS will retail for around $1,200 and you can integrally suppress your Sten with a modern suppressor design.

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