Battle Arms Development RACK Ambidextrous Charging Handle

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    Battle Arms Development has first introduced the prototype of RACK ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle at SHOT Show 2018. Recently, they released more information about this charging handle and announced that it is now available for preorder.

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    According to Battle Arms Development, the standard AR-15 charging handle was not designed to be pulled from one side or asymmetrically. That’s why when trying to manipulate it by pulling only from the latch side, you are applying excessive stresses to the charging handle latch pin. Indeed, that is the weak point of the original design. So, in order to eliminate this issue, Battle Arms Development designed the RACK charging handle specifically for the asymmetrical use – without a roll pin. The head of this charging handle is mounted to the shaft via two screws and when you pull one or another side of the handle, its entire head pivots thus unlatching it from the upper receiver. The downside of this design is that if you apply exactly equal pressure to both sides of the handle, it won’t unlatch.

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    Here are some of the other features of the RACK charging handle:

    Truly Original

    The revolutionary new mechanism is unlike any other charging handle on the market. We are pleased to receive U.S. Utility Patent No. 9964371, 9810494, 9587896.

    Smooth Sliding Latch

    Not another pivoting mechanism to wear out the upper receiver notch, this patented latch system slides parallel with the receiver notch for slick and quick release and simultaneously minimizes wear.

    Monolithic Modular Handle

    Machined from one single piece of aluminum, the RACK™ handle was designed with strength in mind. It is also key to the sliding latch and the positive and balanced pull of the charging handle.

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    For a more detailed description of the RACK charging handle and its features watch the Battle Arms Development video which you can find below.

    The Battle Arms Development RACK ambidextrous charging handle is CNC machined out of 7075-T6 aluminum and has a hard coat anodized finish of black color. The RACK is listed on the manufacturer’s website at an MSRP of $125.

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