POTD: Shortest Barrel SMLE

    A video on youtube showed some young guys from the Arab region -either Iraqi or Algerian- demonstrating their gun, which they have fun with.  It is a cut-down short-magazine Lee Enfield rifle (now carbine length) with the shortest barrel ever seen for this model.

    The original front sight post is replaced with an AK sight while the rear sight remained the same.

    We should doubt the accuracy with this short barrel, and also question whether or not all the powder burns while pushing the projectile down the barrel?

    This can, however, be a cool rifle for a horseman or cavalry, (probably this is the first concealed carry SMLE)  as it makes the SMLE Mk.5 Jungle Carbine ashamed… 🙂

    What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts in a comment.