NEW Lead Slinger! Thompson (Auto Ordnance) Case Hardened Tommy Gun

    Case Hardened Tommy Gun

    Auto Ordnance Corporation (of the Kahr Firearms Group) has unveiled a NEW Thompson Case Hardened Tommy Gun chambered in the traditional .45 ACP with looks that could kill. The aesthetic, swirling-water appearance of case hardening that is most closely associated with revolvers looks right at home on the side of their newest Tommy Gun. This new model, according to the Kahr Firearms Group, is now shipping to retailers and should be available for purchase extremely soon.

    The iconic Tommy Gun is one of those firearms that everyone can identify. It is a part of gun folklore in America. Auto Ordnance looked to reproduce that nostalgic love for the model with this special production run of the Thompson Case Hardened Tommy Gun. They go on to further explain the depth and thought poured into this model below:

    When the original Thompson sub-machine gun was made, its design epitomized an era when firearms were works of art crafted in wood and steel. Each gun a hand machined example of American ingenuity and creativity. Auto-Ordnance has kept that tradition alive with its gorgeous blue steel, hard wood stocked Thompson carbines. Now we are taking the art of the Thompson to a new level with our new “Case Hardened” Tommy Guns. This new Thompson rifle is the perfect complement to the case hardened Auto-Ordnance 1911, introduced earlier this year.

    case hardened tommy gun

    This model currently ships with one 20-Round stick magazine and has its MSRP benchmarked at a considerable $1,797. It will boast all of the traditional specifications that you would expect from a normal Thompson Tommy Gun. You will have an 18″ steel barrel patterned after the original 1927 design. The foregrip, pistol grip, and stock are all walnut as well.

    So not a lot has changed on this newest offering with a case hardened Tommy Gun, but it does have a great look to it! Is the look enough for you to open your wallet to the tune of $1,797? If not, is there a different finish you would like to see one in? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    case hardened tommy gun

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