BRN-4: Brownells’ HK416 Clone Lower And Parts Coming This Veteran’s Day

    If you recall, The Firearm Blog broke the news back in March that Brownells was importing HK416 components. They first offered their HK417 parts for sale back in early September. Well now they will be selling their HK416 parts as well as offering their newly manufactured parts up for pre-order on Veteran’s Day, Monday November 12. Their 416 profile lowers, the BRN-4, will also be up for pre-order.

    Brownells acquired a large quantity of HK 416 forged blanks and they will be offering them as fully machined 416 profile lowers. One of the biggest concerns was how Brownells would be marking their lowers: according to my contact, the manufacturer’s markings will be on the front of the mag well. On an MR556/416 this is where they have “WARNING: Read Operators Manual Before Use”.

    See the sample below (Note: it will say Brownells instead of PWS). And just like the HK MR556/416 the Brownells lower will have the serial number engraved and color filled above the trigger pin on the same side as the bolt catch. Brownells is calling their lower the BRN-4. You may notice the lower has a M16 sear pocket milled into the receiver. Brownells says they will have a standard AR-15 trigger area cut.


    Photo provided by Brownells

    Photo provided by Brownells

    photo of the BRN-4

    Photo provided by Brownells

    This lower is perfect for clone builders. This allows for a clean slate to get the BRN-4 laser engraved with clone markings – they can mark it with all the HK 416 markings.


    BRN-4 Stripped Lower Receiver, machined from original HK416® forging out of Germany.

    Brownells started with a raw HK416® forging, and had them machined by Primary Weapons Systems to be as authentic as possible. These lowers feature the classic contours of the HK416®, found on now other lower receiver. Selector markings are inspired by HK416® markings, with color filled pictogram markings. The FFL information is machined on the front of the magazine well, where the normal HK416® warning information is placed. Following machining, these receivers get a matte black Type III anodizing.

    The BRN-4 is compatible with all standard AR-15 components, and is right at home on an HK416® build or a custom AR-15.

    Along with the lower, Brownells will be offering parts kits which you can see below. With their newly manufactured parts you can complete the parts kit and build a 416 rifle.

    Photo provided by Brownells

    100-026-983 416® Parts Kit Less Receiver Bolt Barrel

    Brownells is extremely pleased to be able to offer for a limited time these genuine Heckler & Koch 416 parts kits.

    Sourced directly out of Germany these parts kits include all item necessary to build up a 5.56mm 416, less the lower receiver, bolt, and barrel. These parts are not included due to German export law.

    The 416 is Heckler & Koch’s take on the AR, but with many design differences that have made its’ variants the go to choice for SOF units, SEAL teams, the CIA, and armed forces around the world.

    One of the 416’s most notable design differences is the short stroke piston system that has led to a reputation for amazing reliability.

    These kits will include the upper receiver, handguard, gas block, bolt carrier, and piston system, charging handle, all lower receiver small parts, buffer and buffer tube assembly, and stock.

    • Genuine German made Heckler & Koch 416 Parts Kits

    • Includes all parts minus the lower receiver, barrel, and bolt

    • New, non-surplus parts

    Take advantage of this truly unique opportunity to own a parts kit for the rare, iconic HK 416, and let your next build begin.


    All you will need is the barrel, bolt, and receiver. Last March I learned that Germany does not allow its citizens to possess bolts or barrels. But you can have everything else. Brownells acquired these parts kits from ZIB Militaria and they did not have bolts or barrels to sell so Brownells had to have them made.

    Photo provided by Brownells

    078-000-490 HK416® COMPLETE BOLT ASSEMBLY 5.56X45MM NATO

    HK416® Style Complete Bolt Assembly, ready for a new build.

    Designed to be compatible with HK416® rifles, this HK416® Style Complete Bolt Assembly is ready to drop into your carrier. Bolts are machined from 9310 steel and finished with a Nickle Teflon coating to match the original HK416® part. Even the Extractor is designed from the ground up to be authentic to the original parts.

    Original HK416® bolts are hard to come across for new builds, so get yours started today!

    Photo provided by Brownells

    078-000-489 HK416® BARREL NUT WRENCH

    HK416® Barrel Installation Tool makes HK® Armorers work easy!

    This laser cut HK416® Barrel Installation Tool properly engages the slots on the HK® barrel nut, ensuring proper torque is applied and the rifle goes undamaged. Use of the Tool is simple, just slide it over the barrel nut, adjust the bolt on either side, which are adjustable by hand, use a ½” torque wrench and get to work. If you don’t have a torque wrench, a 1” open end wrench can be used. Precision laser cut for exacting tolerances. Matte black finish.

    Compatible with HK416®, MR556®, HK417® and MR762® Barrel Nuts.

    Photo provided by Brownells

    078-000-488 HK416® STYLE BARREL 5.56x45MM 16IN ISONITE

    This HK416® M4 style barrel fits any HK416® or MR556 rifle.

    Inspired by the military issue HK416® carbines and their corresponding barrel, this M4 profile barrel fits HK416® upper receivers and MR556® rifles. The barrels start with an authentic, original HK416® barrel extension. Two inserts are included, which will work with any style of HK416® upper receiver. Some HK416® and MR556® uppers require a different sized index tab or pin, these barrels accommodate all! Barrels are produced in the US and feature a matte black Isonite finish. Barrel twist is 1-7, and are chambered 5.56x45mm NATO. Muzzle is ½-28. Barrels are laser marked in the German style.

    Upgrade your MR556® to military styling or build your custom HK416® clone today with these new production barrels.

    What is interesting to note is that Brownells’ 416 barrel takes into consideration the different upper receiver notches in the receiver extensions.

    I am sure you are curious and wondering how much will they be. They are not cheap. But since when are HK products ever inexpensive?

    078-000-488        HK 416 16IN 5.56X45MM BARREL ISONITE                             $399.99

    078-000-489        HK 416 BARREL INSTALL TOOL                                                     $79.99

    078-000-490        HK416® COMPLETE BOLT ASSEMBLY 5.56X45MM               $199.99

    078-000-487        BRN-4 STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVER                                         $399.99

    100-026-983        HK 416 PARTS KIT                                                                          $2,999.99

    Handguards are currently available here, and will be on sale starting on Veterans Day:


    Uppers are also available by themselves:

    So to complete and build your own 416, it will cost you around $4,000 USD. These will be limited production since they only have so many parts kits and receivers made from HK forgings. This is the closest you will get to owning an HK416.

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