POTD: 1 Million Round Suppressor

    GSL Tech posted this photo of an old Gemtech Raptor. As you may recall Greg Latka of GSL Tech was the one who designed and manufactured most of Gemtech’s suppressors when he was President of Gemtech. This Gemtech Raptor has seen over 1 million rounds and no longer suppresses rounds.

    According to GSL Tech, this 1 million round suppressor was used on a range rental. It was a select fire MP5 and the can was never removed from it. The rental MP5 has approximately 1.8 million rounds through it. I highly doubt it has any rifling left. But the range owner told GSL Tech that the MP5 was shot a little bit before they put the Gemtech Raptor on it. They can say with confidence that it has over 1 million rounds down the suppressor.  The Raptor originally weighed 10 oz. This 1 million round suppressor now weighs double that.

    Even though it is no longer his responsibility, Greg Latka stands behind his work and on a case by case basis he will honor his lifetime guarantee. 1 million rounds through a suppressor is great for research and development to see how well his design has held up. Greg was happy to replace it with some of his newer GSL Technology suppressor designs.

    This carbon-clogged 9mm Raptor, designed by GSL’s Greg Latka for Gemtech (circa 1995), has been in continuous service since 2000 with reportedly over 1,000,000 rounds thru-it. Recently received at GSL for service (there is currently no OEM support for the Raptor), Greg gladly swapped-out this well-used can for a new GSL Scorpion, seeing an opportunity to showcase his legacy of superior suppressor design, materials, quality, and his commitment to no-BS customer service.

    How is that for customer service?