Mossberg 590 NIGHTSTICK Firearm Now Shipping

    Mossberg 590 Nightstick Shotgun Now Shipping (22)

    The Mossberg Shockwave with wooden furniture is now available for purchase … and it is called Nightstick. The company has recently announced the availability of this pump-action shotgun firearm on their social media pages. Besides the wooden furniture, the Nightstick also comes with a leather forearm strap instead of the nylon one that Shockwaves come with.

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    Currently, Mossberg 590 Nightstick is available chambered in 12 gauge only. The magazine capacity is 6 rounds. The overall length and weight are 26.37″ and 5.25 lbs. The heavy-walled cylinder bore barrel is 14.375″ long and comes with a bead sight. Apparently, the Nightstick also features a sling swivel post installed at the rear portion of the grip.

    The MSRP of Mossberg 590 Nightstick is $539. It is $84 more than the basic 12 gauge Shockwave which has a retail price of $455. If you always liked the idea of the Shockwave firearm but you prefer wood and leather over the plastic and nylon, then the Nightstick should be your perfect Shockwave.

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    Speaking about the idea behind the Shockwave/Nightstick, let me remind you why these guns are legally considered “firearms” rather than short barreled shotguns. Basically, the reason this gun is not an NFA item (SBS), is that it is manufactured without a stock which means it is not designed to be fired from a shoulder therefore legally it is not a shotgun. If it is not a shotgun, it can’t be a Short Barreled Shotgun no matter the barrel length – that’s why it has a 14″ barrel. Furthermore, because the overall length of this gun is greater than 26″, it is not an AOW either. If I understand correctly, this is the proper interpretation of the law and the reason why guns like the Nightstick are considered Firearms.

    The advantage of such classification for the customers is obviously the possibility to purchase a gun like this without having to pay the $200 tax and wait until its approved. Nevertheless, before purchasing this gun you should make sure it complies with the legislation of your state.

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