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M1907 Textron LSAT gold dot rifle M40A6 Quantico Ideal Back online TangoDown BG-AK Battlegrip (1) Daisy Adult red ryder Thread Adapter SIG M17 Hero Bulletproof Everyone Franklin Armory PDW-C7

Q Mini Fix Pistol

The Fix is Kevin Brittingham’s flag ship bolt gun for Q. He came out with a Mini Fix SBR which is small enough to fit into a backpack. Just like the Honey Badger pistol, Q collaborated with SB Tactical and had them make a custom brace so they can make a Mini Fix [Read More…]

The Mag Feeder - Compact and Folding AR15 Magazine Loader (7) tenth anniversary Glock 20SF muzzle blast while firing Underwood 220 gr coated hard cast. Standard Manufacturing SKO Mini Shotgun (3) Push button

[Army 2018] AK-200 series, AK-308, AM-17, AMB-17 and Syrian war trophies

In this video, I give a quick rundown of some of the newer small arms presented by Kalashnikov group at ARMY-2018 expo: AK-200 series, AK-308, AM-17 and AMB-17. For the last three years, “Army” remains to be the biggest and most popular military/small arms exhibition in Russia. With [Read More…]

Hudson H9 Factory 17-Round Magazines (1)