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Z Slayer

POTD: Light bulb meets 22 LR

Things they eye cannot see, but the mind wants to capture. With the help of a camera, a flash and some magic skills Stjernelund Custom Rifles managed to take these picture where a .22LR meets a light bulb. The .22LR flew out of a barrel attached to a modified Ruger [Read More…]

German Police Mp5 X-Bolt Pro the president Shock-Tober santiam Monark New Polish WBP FOX Rifle Imported by Arms of America (1) Texas Weapon Systems Bitty Dot Mount (BDM) for AK Rifles (9) L. A. Customs Adjustable AK Gas Blocks [Arms & Hunting 2018] (1) crimson trace optics Ruger Day

TFBTV: German World War Two Guns in Action

What would it be like to try and attempt to shoot historical small arms in some of the ways that they were actually used in the past? We try and do that in this episode with German small arms in a small team setting, assaulting an objective across open terrain using a base of fire […] [Read More…]