ALL HALLOWS EVE: Top 5 Blood-Curdling Gun Related Purchases


    Without slicing into a full blown political rant, as “gun people” we all know that there are so called “non-gun-people” that walk among us. Those that, upon seeing a firearm, or even what apppears to be a firearrm, recoil in fear and beg for mercy from its terrible power. Since All Hallows Eve is about fright-night hi jinx, I thought we could turn up the volume and get a little bit freaky: suggesting gun guy/girl purchases that just might make the uninitiated faint from mere talk alone.

    ABOVE: The Fire Control Unit X01 PDW: This awesome little gun is long overdue for a published review. We will finally bring you the full writeup in the very near future. Stay tuned.

    ALL HALLOWS EVE: Top 5 Blood-Curdling Gun Related Purchases

    1. Hollow Point Ammunition!

    Banned from carry guns in at least one state, hollow point ammunition has always carried a certain mystique among non-shooters. Villainized by Hollywood movies and dubbed as “cop killers” by certain media outlets in the 1990’s, the hollow point round is perfect for Halloween night. Actually, depending on the caliber and application, hollow point ammunition is usually a good choice for a defensive round.

    I wish I had some Black Talon rounds to show you – I hear they are super scary.

    Buy at hollow point Ammo Brownells HERE

    2. 12 Gauge Pump Firearm/Shotgun!

    Capable of instilling fear with a mere working of the action, a 12 gauge shotgun (or in this case just a firearm) can help defend you from even the scariest ghouls and goblins. This particular firearm has the added benefit of a short barrel along with the avoidance of a National Firearms Act registration. Something that might send shivers down the spine of your average pumpkin spice latte drinker.



    Buy the Mossberg Shockwave at Brownells HERE

    3. Freaking Lasers!

    Do you know how to spot the next victim in a movie where humans are hunted for sport? Follow that slow moving, dramatic red dot to the nearest forehead. Even scarier is a evil Hollywood killer using night vision to stalk an unknowing victim (think Silence Of The Lambs). Ignoring the cliche spooky movie uses of lasers, weapon-mounted aiming devices are incredibly useful tools, especially when paired with a quality night vision optic.

    Just don’t forget to put the lotion in the basket, or you get the hose again.


    Buy Weapons mounted lasers at Brownells HERE

    4. Simulated Automatic Fire!

    OMG! ITEOTWAWKI! Now almost anyone (sorry Florida) can buy, possess and use binary triggers – devices that, with practice, can simulate fully automatic rates of fire. More shocking than waking up to a Walking Dead zombie scenario, the idea of a drop in trigger replacement that avoids NFA paperwork will send non-shooters into a fetal position faster than you can say vegan hotdogs.The bottom line is that if you don’t have the kind of money it takes to possess transferable machine guns, a binary trigger might fill that deep, dark void.

    Buy binary triggers from Brownells HERE

    5. Ghost Guns!

    The freakiest, most terrifying product available this Halloween is the one that requires only common house tools and common sense to build a working firearm. Dubbed a “Ghost Gun” by the media, these “untraceable” firearms start out as pre-formed polymer and a collection of parts. Not just a month ago we’re talking about the release of blueprints of hundreds of weapons to the general population. With these designs in hand, one only need to change the paper tray on a laser printer to get a fully functional assault weapon. That should scare all of us enough to turn our hair white.

    Before “Ghost Guns” are banned, pick up a kit and some parts and start crafting something terrifying.

    Buy Polymer80 kits from Brownells HERE

    By now, hopefully you all know to not take me too seriously on these seasonal teasers. Whatever you end up doing (or buying) with now with your time today, be safe, have fun and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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