Reader’s Choice Semi-Auto Shotgun Winner: Benelli M4 Tactical

    Many of you called the winner in the comments… But what is interesting is that the Winchester SX4 Models far outsold the M4 Tactical, as did the Beretta A300 line. Not that we are remotely considering this process scientific. And I would wager that our readership tends more toward the sexy tactical-esque weapons over tried and true hunting guns.

    The Benelli M4 received 34% of the votes. The Mossberg Model 930 Jerry Miculek JM Pro came in second place with 16% of the votes and the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 took third place with 9%. For the readers that took part in this poll, you all certainly like the Benelli brand. I personally own a 930 JM Pro, so I am pleased to see it making the grade.

    You can learn all about the Benelli M4 at their website:


    We asked you all to comment why you chose the gun you did and here are some of the better comments (honestly I was expecting a much higher level of snark than was provided). A ton of the comments were about the fit in hand and reliability, and whether or not it is used by Secret Agent Airborne MARSOC PJ Ranger Recon Delta SEALs. Yawn.

    It is so cool it makes my teeth hurt.”

    Austin L, Browning A5 Camo 12 Gauge

    You are not supposed to put it in your mouth…


    Jerry is awesome”

    Scott T, Mossberg 930 JM Pro

    Yes, Scott, he is…


    You continue not to have any Bredas. You heathens.”

    Dan B, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 Gauge

    I didn’t know Bredas are the Lord’s shotgun?


    I picked the best because, 80%of the time, I’m never wrong…”

    Mike H, Stoeger M3k 3-gun 12 Gauge

    Pareto Principle be damned. Except this was your 20%…


    It’s the only one of the bunch capable of not malfunctioning in a 3 gun match.”

    Steve P, Benelli M4 Tactical

    I think all top-tier competitors need to run a match or two with a hunting style shotgun. For the lolz.


    I enjoy the distribution of weight, Sturdy collapsible stock, rugged fit and finish and it is probably the best tactical shotgun not sporting a magazine… at present.

    I realize the ARGO system will choke on light loads… but, I am looking to put a bruising on my shoulder; not crack clay.


    Thomas H, Benelli M4 Tactical

    50 Shades of Sniper Grey…


    Because this is what the Marines picked, HOORAAH!!!!!!!!”

    Glenn H, Benelli M4 Tactical

    ::thumbs up:: Devil Dog… Okay, so I let one through…


    The A5 adjusts to the type of shell that it shoots without any physical change to the shotgun. The spring recoil system in this old gun makes the experience of pulling the trigger much better than others. It has a “ka-chunk” recoil rather than a snap that lessens the pressure. I’ve shot many shotguns and this one, with its old technology still amazes me.”

    Stephen M, Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge

    It’s action is one of the best refinement on a classic. The Auto-5 is one of the best sighting shotguns period. The square back and vent rib with the gold bead is perfect to judge deflection style shooting needed for ducks and geese.

    Wrapped in wood the Sweet Sixteen is the gauge that is balanced best. Enough power and range as a twelve but softer than any pump twenty ever thought of being. Recovery time is minimal. The ability to swing from target to target is fantastic. Shouldering the Browning is like hugging an old friend and the grip is the perfect angle. The old humpback John Browning inspired shotgun has been refined into the perfect auto loader.”

    Willard W, Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge

    You Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge lovers are by far, hands-down the wordiest of the bunch.


    Not just the SBEIII but benelli shotguns in general. I worked in Argentina where I client would kill on average a couple thousand doves a day. So you can imagine the sheer number or shells these shotguns would see on a daily basis. Every three days a new group would come in and they’d hammer the same guns day in and day out. They had countless numbers of rounds through them but hundreds of thousands and are they only brand of shotgun they can find to reliably keep working. Sure you’ll see an extractor and little things break or need replaced here and there but I have never seen a shotgun be able to do what those guns can do. Some clients would occasionally bring their own guns and we had a few other brands due to being a Beretta sponsored lodge and certain clients have a few preferences but only Benelli could continually hack it.”

    Billy F, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 Gauge

    A. Couple. Of. Thousand. Doves. Per. Day. I’d say you all have an infestation problem down there…


    I shot 4000 rounds of shitty Russian ammo in three days in Argentina with a Benelli SBH III. Not one failure.”

    Cotton, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 Gauge

    That’s a bold move, Cotton. What did it cost for your shoulder surgery?



    William H, Benelli M4 Tactical

    James Reeves agrees. It is his favorite movie and character ever.


    I had to pick this one. Do you really hate Mossberg so much that this is the only semi auto you could find to represent them? It looks like the damn thing is wearing fishnets. Stoeger and Benelli each had 3 different guns and there were 4 Berrettas, but apparently Mossberg is only making and selling this one f*ing gun. WTH TFB?

    David R, Mossberg Model 930 Jerry Miculek Jm Pro Series 12 Gauge

    Picked from the top sales in the past 6 months. Apparently, the market agrees.


    Its a Benelli and its tactical. Its like an Italian lotus not as nice as a Ferrari and all around pointless to have but fun to drive or in this case shoot”

    Noah M, Benelli M4 Tactical

    No words.


    Proven, fast, versatile, and robust waterfowl death hammer.”

    Taylor M, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 Gauge

    If you need a contact at Benelli to get a job in marketing, let us know. “Waterfowl Death Hammer” needs to be on a banner at SHOT.


    The receiver is blue. I sure do love the color blue. And ketchup. I love ketchup. Say, do you think I’ll win a prize?”

    Zachary T, Beretta A400 Xcel 12 Gauge

    Gleam said “No”, Zachary. Stick to eating ketchup packets until the next poll.


    “bEnElLi Is ThE bEsT sHoTgUn MaKeR aRoUnD”

    Brandon K, Benelli M4 Tactical

    I hAtE yOu.


    The only functional american made shotgun that has a track record of working. Everything else either is too new, doesnt work, or isnt make at home therefore it can be very difficult to find parts or service.

    The 11-87 is a working mans gun, it doesnt like weak loads for weak men. Properly maintain your tools. Shoot 1-1/8oz at 1180+fps quality ammo, typically meaning loaded in the US, and it will cycle everytime. EVERY SINGLE TIME.”

    Joel D, Remington 1187

    Weak loads for weak men. Well said. The 90’s still wants their shotgun back though.


    Come on, how can this not be the best? Has a door digger to blow the hinges off, making a door breach as easy as tipping over a beer, then has enough rounds to clear the room in super quick action. With this beauty, you get to be numbers 1,2,3 and 4…….hell, with this M4, you ARE THE STACK!

    Anthony D, Benelli M4 Tactical

    Um, Anthony, tipping over a beer is a party foul.


    Outfitting Your Benelli M4 Tactical

    Now that the M4 has been blessed as the Reader’s Choice for Semi-Auto Shotguns for 2018, and you have run out to your local dealer to buy one, you should immediately upgrade it with some tactical goodness:

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