POTD: Hi-Point Sub Gun From Mad Pig Customs

    custom hi-point carbine

    The folks over at Mag Pig Customs have a new build, this time it’s a custom Hi-Point Carbine that doesn’t look half bad. They’ve had their hand in making a few other past POTD post. There was the Hi-Point Themed AR15s, P-51B themed Maxim 9 and a Railed and Suppressed Lever Gun.

    Their current Hi-Point Carbine build features a barrel that’s been chopped down to 4.5 inches and threaded. They also added a 1913 Picatinny Rail and a vertical foregrip out front. They also chopped the stock and added a Sig MPX folding stock. They’re also working on a full-auto conversion too.

    From their Facebook page:

    Behold… the #hipointsubgun

    It’s officially a post sample machine gun but we haven’t finished the FA conversion yet. @buffalodiller and I have been working on this for a little bit. Barrel is chopped to 4.5” and threaded to 1/2×28. Added a 1913 rail to a aluminum end cap for a @sigsauerinc stock, though I think I need an @jmaccustoms stock on this one.

    Definitely need new mags though. Anyone recommend a good VFG?