POTD: Bro, do you even holster your Uzi?

    In IPSC Practical Shooting the rules stipulate that all handguns must be carried unloaded, in a case or bag of a design intended or suitable for the safe carriage of firearms, or in a holster securely attached to the competitor’s belt. Primary reason: Safety.

    Handgun matches must not require the use of a particular type or brand of holster, so iyou’re free to build your own holster if you want.

    However, the Range Master may deem that a competitor’s holster is unsafe and order that it’s improved to his satisfaction. For instance, a holster which does not completely prevent access to, or activation of, the trigger of the handgun while holstered. Again, safety is the primary concern for everyone.

    Violations are subject to Rule 10.5.13 – i.e. disqualification from the match for safety reasons.

    This competitor found his own way to holster his 9 mm Uzi, with a home made holster. Several years ago I heard rumors about a competitor using an Uzi, now I know the rumor was true.

    An Uzi, if I ever could get one, wouldn’t be my first choice at a competition but sometimes it’s all about the fun factor and bringing out your fun gun instead of your race gun.


    The sights look like a challenge to use.

    All pictures by J.S. and used with permission. Thanks!