DX-12 ‘Punisher’ – The double-barreled shotgun-pistol

    Ivan Šantić, a Concept Designer from Zagreb, Croatia, trained at Hyper Island in Sweden

    He can be found at MOTH3R, which he describes as his “sustainable platform”.

    The reason why you find him, and his designs, here on The Firearm Blog is because he has done some astonishing pictures and designs (with the help of some computer generation) which are related to firearms.

    As with everything, some things may work in reality some may not. I admit I enjoy seeing real-looking firearms from the wasteland between imagination and what could be real, and this is where we find Ivan’s creations.

    If you remember Vitaly Bulgarov’s AR-15 DEX-stock, which seems to slowly transform into a real product you can buy in the KILN stock I think you understand what I mean. Check here and here for the latest on the KILN stock.

    Behold the DX-12 ‘Punisher’ -HARDWAR3 INDUSTRIES™ DX-12 / Double-barreled shotgun, codename: ‘Punisher’.

    If Glock ever made a Shotgun, this might be it.

    The rear sight looks almost like two individual, one for each barrel, but it’s a very wide, Glock-a-like sight.

    Anything in the general direction between these two slots will get a bite.

    By first looks, this would make a great self-defense shotgun, or pistol shotgun. Perfect for home or in the car defense, where allowed.

    I understand the software used to generate these pictures are Moi3D and Fusion360. I am seriously tempted to generate pictures of some of my ideas, but suspect it might be more time (and skill) consuming than what I’m prepared for.

    It’s mind-blowing to see how “digital prototyping” has evolved over the years, and how realistic images that can be generated by a computer.

    “HARDWAR3 INDUSRIES” – Authorized Personnel Only.

    The 12 gauge look like slugs. Very small slugs, recoil friendly I suppose.

    I’m not saying this is the case with Ivan and the DX-12 and his other creations, but one problem with many firearms designers is that some of them have had no, or very little, real contact with firearms.

    For instance, it doesn’t look too ergonomic or comfortable to hold and shotgun shells are probably what generates the most recoil in the firearms world (depending on load, of course).

    There’s good and bad with that – if you only ever seen AR15s then that is what you’re most likely going to do next. And if you only ever saw 5,56 NATO, 9×19 mm and 12 gauge then it might limit your imagination.

    “MOTH3R is a sustainable platform of Ivan Šantić, concept designer with experience in motion and industrial design”

    The shells seem to say – “Mother Design – 12 gauge special”. Note the safety, straps and other details. The primers look very plastic, but who knows what primers will look like in the future?

    Below: The amount of detail is just beyond in these pictures. If you look on the top of the barrels you can see signs of fingerprints and dust. Note the safety.

    Ivan says “It’s not part of any game at this very moment but with some older releases already licensed or in the process it could most probably happen.”  I am hoping to see this Shotgun-pistol in DOOM or any similar computer game as soon as possible.

    If you want to see the pictures in more detail than TFB can offer, please check Ivan’s “home” at Artstation. TFB would like to thanks Ivan for the permission to use these images, and we will be back soon with some more cool projects.

    So raise your hands and tell us. If the DX-12 in fact existed, at Glock type of cost, would you buy it? And would your wrists agree as you shot it?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.