Meet THE PRESIDENT in the Boardroom with Nighthawk Custom

    the president

    Nighthawk Custom has announced a new 1911 that is a part of their Boardroom Series that they began late last year. This newest addition is dubbed The President, and like the name infers, you have high-end quality poured over this model just like the position itself. This is only the second model that Nighthawk Custom has offered through their prestigious Boardroom Series of 1911s.

    Similar to the Chairman Longslide which was the 1st model through the Boardroom, The President has a laundry list of features and benefits:

    • DLC Finish with Gold Titanium Nitride Barrel
    • Forged government size frame and 5″ barrel
    • Match grade 9mm crowned barrel
    • Heinie Ledge solid black rear sight
    • 18K solid gold bead front sight
    • Railscale G10 grips


    • Heavy angle lightning cuts on the slide
    • 25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing
    • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger
    • New ultra hi-cut front strap
    • Completely dehorned to remove all sharp edges
    • Checkered recoil spring plug

    The President has its MSRP benchmarked at a kingly $4,195 and can be acquired in either 9mm or .45 ACP. If you would rather prefer this model in a different caliber like 10mm or .38 Super that is an option for an additional $200 charge. Nighthawk Custom elaborates further on The President through this public statement:

    The President is the second pistol in our sharp competitive shooting Boardroom Series. This 5” range ready government 1911, is a shorter version of the Chairman. Windows and heavy angle lightning cuts in the slide allow it to function reliably when competitive shooting, while also showing off the stunning Titanium Gold Nitride Barrel. It is also available in multiple finishes, silver or gold barrel, and grips. The standard President custom grips are designed in partnership with Railscales, and guarantee to catch attention on the range.

    So with the potential to purchase this pistol in 4 different calibers at the price-point of $4,195 would you want The President in your Boardroom? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.




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