POTD: Light bulb meets 22 LR

    Things they eye cannot see, but the mind wants to capture. With the help of a camera, a flash and some magic skills Stjernelund Custom Rifles managed to take these picture where a .22LR meets a light bulb.

    The .22LR flew out of a barrel attached to a modified Ruger 10/22.

    Stjernelund are famous for their work on Ruger 10/22, so the choice of firearms was easy.

    The cartridge was a “slow” one (probably a Zimmer), and the camera’s shutter was set to open in a dark room. The flash was lit as the trigger was pulled, and

    Another shot

    (Tip: Please don’t try this at home without a proper back stop. No, Dad’s car won’t do.)

    Both pictures by Stjernelund Custom Rifles. Used with kind permission.

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