Bundespolizei Seeking Accessories for MP5

    German Police Mp5

    Germany's Federal Police to Purchase New MP5s

    Germany’s Federal Police, the Bundespolizei, are seeking contractors to fulfil major orders for various accessories to modernise their MP5 submachine guns. The large scale procurement was announced via a contract notice posted on the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily site. The Federal Police are seeking a contractor that can provide straps, picatinny rail mounting options, new reflex sights, a railed forend for the MP5 as well as weapon lights.

    MP5s are widely issued to the Bundespolizei, often as patrol carbines, for officers in public places like transport hubs. The notice for the contract was published on the 19th September with the period for responses from interested vendors closing on the 22nd October. The notice states the duration of the contract will be four years, with scope to expand to 7 years.

    German Federal Police officer with MP5

    This photo from 2017 shows a Bundespolizei officer with a well worn MP5, note the early-pattern forend (Bundespolizei)

    Here’s a breakdown of the contract (machine translated):

    The subject of the contract is the conclusion of seven framework agreements with one contractor each for the delivery of various accessories for the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. These are framework agreements for the following delivery services:
    – Straps MP5 one-point / two-point attachment (lot 1),
    – MP5 shoulder rest, insertable, with cheek rest (lot 2),
    – mounting rail sight MP5, Picatinny mount and hole (lot 3),
    – Reflex sight, with Picatinny mounting (Lot 4),
    – Functional handguard MP5 with 3x Picatinny mount (Lot 5),
    – Short fore grip, with Picatinny mount (Lot 6) and
    – Gun light with Picatinny mount (Lot 7) ,

    From each of the 7 aforementioned accessories, the client will order from the respective contractor binding 3,000 pieces with order. In addition, if necessary, the client may optionally request an additional 9,000 units from each of the seven aforementioned accessories during the contract period. In this respect there is no acceptance obligation for the client for the aforementioned 9,000 units.

    Bundespolizei mp5 strip

    Bundespolizei officers during a training exercise stripping an MP5 on the clock (Bundespolizei)

    The Federal Police RFP comes as the Saxon State police concluded a contract for MP5 accessories with Haenel worth 365 330 Euros or $420,000.


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