New “Blue Book” Dedicated to the AR-15 Slated for Publication

    Dog-eared copies of the Blue Book of Gun Values are a mainstay at gun shows. Everyone has a copy and some of us even have a collection of them. Each year, a new and revised edition is released. The 2018 iteration boasts more than 2,500 pages of information.

    With so much info to cram between two covers, you can’t do justice to every topic. There’s simply no space for a deep dive. That’s why Blue Book Publications offers specialized pocket guides, and editions just focused on air guns, modern black powder arms, and antique American arms. Now, there’s a new title being added to the lineup!

    Sample page of nomenclature (Blue Book Publications, Inc)

    Blue Book Publications, Inc. has just announced the upcoming release of the 1st Edition Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations by S.P. Fjestad and edited by John B. Allen and Thomas A. Toupin. This new publication aims to be the most up-to-date and complete reference book ever published on AR-10/AR-15 carbines, pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

    Here are some of the highlights of this new 384-page offering:

    – Includes almost 300 AR-15 current and discontinued manufacturers/trademarks.
    Up-to-date values take into consideration the most recent AR-15 marketplace activity including an overall drop in AR-15 values.
    – Detailed model descriptions are provided on all variations.
    – Proprietary AR-15 nomenclature/terminology is used whenever possible, including such famous trademarks as Cerakote, Ergo, Hogue, Geissele, KeyMod, M-LOK, Melonite, Novak, SOPMOD, VLTOR, etc.
    – Important and informative full-color up-front sections include AR-15 Anatomies/Illustrations, Terminology, Parts Diagrams, Glossary, Abbreviations, and others making this book a virtual encyclopedia on AR-15s!
    – A thorough, up-to-date AR-15 article by S.P. Fjestad chronicles the complete AR-15 history and informs the reader the current state of today’s marketplace.
    – Over 50 centerfire and rimfire AR calibers have been manufactured to date, and this is the only book that covers all of them!

    Sample page of values (Blue Book Publications, Inc)

    MSRP is $29.95 and it is slated to ship by December 1, 2018, so it’ll be available just in time for Christmas. It will also be available as an online subscription that’s updated monthly and includes thousands of hi-res color images. For more information or to order a copy, visit

    Logan Metesh

    T. Logan Metesh is an historian and writer who runs High Caliber History LLC. He has worked for the NRA Museums, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Park Service. He has also served as an historic firearms facilitator for television shows such as Mysteries at the Museum, Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna, NRA Gun Gurus, and American Rifleman TV.

    Contact him at [email protected]