New Polish WBP FOX Rifle Imported by Arms of America

    New Polish WBP FOX Rifle Imported by Arms of America (1)

    Arms of America has announced the availability of a new AK rifle called WBP FOX. These new rifles are imported from Poland. They are made by WBP Rogow from completely new parts. Let’s take a look at the features of this rifle.

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    The WBP FOX is an AKM-pattern semi-auto rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. It is built with new parts that include an FB Radom 16″ chrome lined cold hammer forged barrel and a forged front trunnion. According to the importer, many of the parts have matching numbers. There are also Polish import markings on the receiver and a Polish Eagle marking on the rear sight block. The finish on these rifles is a basic black paint.

    The WBP FOX rifles also feature Beryl rear trunnions and rear sight blocks that allow attaching Polish military rails as seen in the images. These rifles don’t come with the Beryl rail, however, you can purchase the rails separately on Arms of America website. Besides the Beryl rail mounting option, the WBP FOX rifles also come with standard side rails installed.

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    Now we have to talk about a couple of ugly features that are included into the design to comply with the importation laws. Let me quote the importer:

    Due to import restrictions this rifle comes with a single stack magazine well that can not accept standard AK magazines without modification. If you purchase this sporter rifle with no intentions of converting it to 922R requirements you will have to do some fitting since all single stack magazines vary in tolerances. We advise customers looking to purchase this rifle to make the necessary 922R additions which will allow them to cut the magazine well out to the proper format to utilize regular AK magazines. The advantage of buying a sporter rifle like this is to allow the user the ability to customize the rifle to fit their individual needs. The barrel is non threaded due to import restrictions but is already at the proper diameter that allows the customer to use a cheap hand threading tool to complete the threads. The rear trunnion has a special tab for mounting a Polish Military picatinny rail so you will need to do some fitting when installing a standard AKM rear stock. The rifle also features a cleaning rod holder that can not accept a bayonet without modification due to import restrictions.

    The WBP FOX rifle is listed on Arms of America’s website at an MSRP of $699. The rifles are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

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