New H&K Product Photos – MP7A2, HK416, SFP9

    (HK/Oliver Louven)

    At the beginning of the year we shared some great Heckler & Koch product photos taken by German photographer Oliver Louven. Louven, a Bundeswehr veteran and photographer specialising in firearms photograph, has since shared some more photos of Heckler & Koch’s range of small arms.

    Back in January we posted some of Louven’s photos of the HK416F-C, the HK417, HK G36, the new HK433 and the HK SFP9 pistol. These photos a probably destined for Heckler & Koch’s upcoming PR material, catalogues and website imagery.

    The first new photo we have appears to have been taken during the same photo session as the earlier photos of the HK416F-C, but unlike the earlier photos where we saw a pair of operators (with the HK416F and HK416F-C) this photo shows a single operator about to fire a grenade from his HK269.

    HK416F-C + Grenade Launcher

    HK416F-C with HK269 grenade launcher attached (Oliver Louven)

    HK 416

    In addition to the new shot of the HK416F-C we also have a couple of photographs of the HK416 A7, complete with Heckler & Koch’s new pattern of P-Mag. The HK416 A7 with the new style forend, which has HKey, has recently been adopted by German special forces (both the army and navy Kommando units) as the G95.

    HK416 A7 / G95 (HK/Oliver Louven)

    Another action shot of an operator moving in through some smoke to clear a room.

    HK416 A7 / G95 (HK/Oliver Louven)

    HK SFP9

    We also have a new product photo of the European HK SFP9, marketed in the US as the VP9, a European police favourite – the push button magazine release version of the VP9 is soon to be released in the US.

    HK SFP9 (HK/Oliver Louven)

    HK MP7

    Finally, we have some shots of the 4.6×30mm MP7, the first photo shows an MP7 in black mounted with an Aimpoint micro.

    HK MP7  (HK/Oliver Louven)

    Last but not least we have a new close up of an MP7A2 in flat dark earth with Heckler & Koch’s stock optic and a railed forend rather than the standard folding vertical grip seen in the previous photograph.

    HK MP7 A2 (HK/Oliver Louven)

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