POTD: Iraqi CT Sniper in Comfy Action

    An Iraqi sniper from a counter-terrorism unit is operating against Daesh with his Steyr HS.50 or it’s Iranian derivative Sayyad heavy sniper/anti-material rifle.

    The dude is heeled, imagine your self assigned in a CT task and you are so lucky to take a position for your sniper nest in a bedroom where you literally take cover “under a blanket”. You won’t have to worry about where you sleep…

    According to snipers’ training, the camouflage must be in-line with the surrounding environment which the fellow did very well.  And really, can you blame him?  He took the ghillie suit to a whole new level and earned the title of being the most comfortable sniper in the world – if just he had some soda and popcorn it would feel like heaven.