ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018]

    ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018] (660)

    ADAR is one of the relatively new Russian firearm brands. We’ve earlier reported about the AR-15 and new straight pull rifle made by this company. During the Arms & Hunting 2018 exhibition, we had a chance to take a closer look at these guns and talk to company officials.

    ADAR Ladoga

    ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018] (10)

    Ladoga is a straight pull bolt action rifle designed from a ground up by an ADAR employee named Vsevolod Sukhnev. I had a chance to talk to Vsevolod and learn about the rifle from the designer himself.

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    Ladoga is a hammer fired rifle. The lockup of the action is accomplished by a three-lug rotating bolt. The rifle is fed from detachable box magazines and comes chambered in .366TKM, 6.5mm Grendel or 7.6x39mm caliber options. The bolt also features a spring-loaded plunger ejector and there is a primary extraction mechanism built into the bolt/bolt carrier design.

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    The hammer in cocked and …

    ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018] (4)

    … released positions.

    ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018] (5)

    Note the hammer clearance slot inside the bolt carrier

    The barrel of this rifle is attached to the receiver via two screws and can be easily removed to change the caliber. The identical bolt head dimensions of the above-mentioned cartridges make it possible to use the same bolt when changing the caliber.

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    The two recessed barrel retaining screws are located in front of the magazine well.

    The safety selector lever, as well as the cocked hammer indicator, are located on the rear portion of the bolt carrier. The bolt handle of Ladoga rifle is replaceable and has several handle styles (straight and bent) and knob options.

    ADAR 2-15

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    ADAR also brought to the show their iteration of the AR-15 rifle. The 2-15 rifle is available with several stock and handguard options. According to Victor Baronin, the head of this project, currently, this rifle is pretty much the only domestically made AR-15 available in Russia.

    As you can see, both Ladoga and ADAR 2-15 rifles come with a wide variety of wooden furniture. The reason for so many wood stock options is that ADAR is a subsidiary of a Russian stock manufacturing company called Art-Decart. When talking to the officials of Russian companies exhibiting at Arms & Hunting 2018, I was always asking if it is possible to purchase their products from the USA. I asked the same question to Alexander Rubin, the CEO of Art-Decart, who told me that technically it is possible, however, they are looking for a US distributor to export their stocks to the USA in large scales which will make it much easier for US customers to acquire these stocks. According to Mr. Rubin, their production capacity of 10,000 stocks per month and the competitive pricing will allow them to meet the US market demand and offer reasonable prices.

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