POTD: Colt AR15 and RMJ Tactical Kestrel axe

    Today’s Picture of the Day is a Colt AR-15, which you can spot behind the RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Kestrel axe.

    The scope is a Leupold LR/T M3, connected to the Picatinny with a Spuhr scope mount.

    As usual, there’s some furniture from Magpul and an ALG Defense rail.

    The gloves are Mechanix Breacher.

    Shorter than RMJ’s Eagle Talon Tomahawk, the Kestrel Tomahawk is designed for concealed carry and use in tighter quarters. The intent behind the shorter design was to make a close quarters tool, and weapon.

    Damn, in their description goes all the excuses to buy it for chopping wood! But it’s one good looking axe, and I’m very tempted to get one as well.

    The picture is used with permission from “Gearpusher” on Instagram.

    You can check out his other photos and follow him here.